Frequenly asked questions for Go digit bike insurance-

1. What is new rule of two-wheeler insurance in Go digit?        

According to this new rule, five years third party insurance for owners of two-wheeler was mandatory. This rule comes in the act from 1 september 2018.

2. Are Go digit's cashless network garages the best in India?

Yes, Go Digit has more than 5800 network garages all throughout India.

3. Can I customize IDV with GO digit car insurance?

Yes, Go Digit will provide the policyholder with a customizable IDV facility.

4. What is not covered by the Go Digit Zero Depreciation Add-on cover?

Go Digit has a zero depreciation add-on, and claims for car tyres and battery lubricants are only covered 50% of the time, rather than 100% as with all other car parts. The zero depreciation add-on cover does not cover uninformed car modifications.

5. Can I choose Go digit's zero depreciation add-on cover for a used two-wheeler?

Yes, you can get the zero depreciation add-on cover for a used Two-wheeler if the two-wheeler is under 5 years old.

6. Do I have to pay more for a two-wheeler insurance policy that includes an add-on cover?

Yes, you will have to pay an extra fee to purchase and use an add-on insurance policy.

7. Is personal accident coverage included in a Go digit third-party policy?

Yes, there is third-party liability insurance. Up to Rs.15 lakh in personal accident coverage is offered.

8. Does third-party insurance cover a paids driver's legal liabilities in two-wheeler?

No, two-wheeler third party insurance can’t cover paid driver’s legal liabilities cover.

9. What does the term "consumable cover" actually mean?

Consumable cover adds an extra layer of safety to your two-wheeler by covering the cost of all your car's consumables, including as engine oils, screws, nuts and bolts, lubricant, and so on, in the event of an accident.

10. Does Go Digit offer a cashless claim settlement option?

Yes, at over 2500 garages throughout India, Go Digit offers cashless claim settlement.

11. What exactly does NCB protection?

This add-on policy will preserve the No Claim Bonus aspect even if you file a claim.

12. What is excluded from the Go Digit two-wheeler insurance policy?

You will not be covered if your two-wheeler is involved in an accident as a result of an electrical break down; similarly, you will not be covered if your two-wheeler is involved in an accident as a result of a drunk driving overdose.

13.Is there a limit to the number of add-on coverage that can be added to a two-wheeler insurance policy?

No, there is no limit to how much add-on coverages you may add to your two-wheeler insurance policy, and you can choose as many as you want.

14. What does Go digit's Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance imply?

In the event of an accident or other disaster, Go with comprehensive two-wheeler insurance covers only the insured two-wheeler and third-party responsibility.

15. Is there a Consequential Damages in the Go Digit car insurance policy?

Any damage that is not a direct result of the collision will not be covered under the Go Digit Car insurance coverage.

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