Frequently asked questions for bike insurance in Royal Sundaram-

1. How long is the Royal Sundaram long-term comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage valid for?

The Royal Sundaram long-term comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage has tenure of two to three years.

2. Can I choose which claim I wish to use the zero depreciation coverage for?

Yes, the policyholder of Royal sundaram has the option of bearing the expense of depreciation of replaced parts in certain claims or not in certain claims.

3. Should I purchase Royal Sundaram’s zero depreciation coverage if I don't own a luxury vehicle?

Even if you do not own a luxury car, you can apply the zero depreciation add-on cover to your two-wheeler insurance policy.

4. What is IDV in Royal Sundaram's bike insurance?

IDV is for Insured Declared Value, which is the total value of an insured bike determined by the insurer in order to recompense the policyholder in the event of irreparable damage or total loss due to an unforeseen occurrence or theft.

5. What does TPA stand for?

A third-party administrator, or TPA, is a company that processes insurance claims. It's also a phrase used to describe businesses in the insurance industry that handle things like underwriting and customer service.

6. What does the term nil depreciation cover mean?

Nil depreciation, also known as Zero depreciation, is a type of insurance that excludes depreciation from coverage.

7. What are the types of  bike insurance?

Own damage cover, third party liability, and comprehensive bike insurance are the three sections of a bike insurance policy.

8. Does IDV cut the cost of bike insurance every year?

In bike insurance, the depreciation factor reduces the IDV claim with each passing year.

9. What happens if your bike insurance runs out?

Your two wheeler insurance will expire if you do not renew your bike insurance coverage before the due date. Your insurer is no longer obligated to assist you financially or to consider any of your claims.

10. How is the cost of bike insurance calculated in Royal Sundaram?

The following factors will be used to determine the cost of two-wheeler insurance. 1. Age of Two wheeler's 2.Cubic capacity 3. Insured Declared value 4.Geographical location 5.Model of two wheeler

11. What add-ons does Royal Sundaram’s Two-Wheeler Insurance provide?

Depreciation cover, Consumable cover, Passenger cover, GAP Value insurance, and Roadside Assistance cover are examples of add-on covers that policyholders can purchase to expand their coverage.

12. What is NCB in the Two-wheeler insurance?

The term "No Claim Bonus" refers to a bonus that is not claimed. For claim-free years, all insurers give a discount on their own damage premium.

13. What is the amount of compensation granted if the accident leaves a third person in Royal sundaram permanently disabled?

The final premium compensation amount is determined by a court of law, and the insurer bears the entire cost in freedom.

14.How many additional coverage may I pay in my policy at the time of purchase?

There is no limit to the number of add-on covers you may choose from when purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy, so you can choose your coverage to fit your budget and demands.

15. What does "compulsory deductible" mean?

The amount that the policyholder is required to pay to the insurer at the time of claim settlement is known as the mandatory deductible.

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