Frequently asked questions about bike insurance of Edelweiss-

1)Does Edelweiss comprehensive bike Insurance covers depreciation?

No, Edelweiss comprehensive bike Insurance Does not cover depreciation.

2)Do I need to purchase third-party bike insurance again after getting a comprehensive policy?

No, comprehensive bike insurance already includes third-party liabilities.

3) Is there a grace period on my existing Edelweiss General Insurance policy?

Yes, Edelweiss comprehensive bike Insurance offers a grace period for car insurance renewal.

4) Is it mandatory in India to have a third-party bike insurance policy?

Yes, it is mandatory to have third-party bike insurance in India by motor act Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

5)Does comprehensive bike insurance require inspection after the expiration of the policy?

No, comprehensive bike insurance does not require inspection after the expiration of the policy.

6)What are the add ons in bike insurance?

Add ons are some extra benefits offered by insurers in return for some additional charges from the insured.

7)Which add ons are offered by Edelweiss comprehensive bike Insurance?

Add ons such as zero depreciation, consumables, Roadside assistance is offered by Edelweiss comprehensive bike Insurance.

8)Can I pay the bike insurance premium in installments?

No, you cannot pay the bike insurance premium in installments, it's prohibited.

9)Why should I renew my bike insurance policy with Edelweiss?

It Is beneficial for every insured to renew his policy every year for getting protection against any unfortunate accident.

10)Can I opt for only third-party bike insurance?

Yes, It is possible to get only third-party bike insurance.

11)What is the NCB discount on bike insurance?

It is a discount given by the insurer to the policyholder for not claiming his claim for the previous succeeding years.

12)Maximum how much percent discount do I get as an NCB?

Up to 50 percent discount is available when you opt for NCB.

13)Can I renew my policy for a different company?

Yes, there is nothing wrong to renew your policy for another company.

14)What is meant by the term renewal of the policy?

Policy renewal means making a new policy agreement because last year the policy got canceled.

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