The Oriental Insurance Company -

Oriental Insurance Company, an Indian public sector general Insurance company, was incorporated into a legal corporation on 12th September 1947 in Mumbai. The capital of the country, New Delhi has the headquarters of Oriental Insurance Company. The aim of Oriental Insurance was “Service to clients” and high achievement in the General Insurance Sector. Oriental Insurance has more than 170 policies on offer. Each of the policies offered by the company is characterized by utmost swiftness, Effectiveness, and Cost-effective price range.

Frequently asked questions about bike insurance of Oriental insurance-

1. How long is the oreitnal long-term comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage valid for?

The oriental long-term comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage has a tenure of two to three years.

2. Can I choose which claim I wish to use the zero depreciation coverage for?

Yes, the policyholder of liberty has the option of bearing the expense of depreciation of replaced parts in certain claims or not in certain claims.

3. Should I purchase Liberty's zero depreciation coverage if I don't own a luxury vehicle?

Even if you don't own a luxury car, you can apply the zero depreciation add-on cover to your two-wheeler insurance policy.

4. How much additional coverage may I incorporate in my policy at the time of purchase?

There is no limit to the number of add-on covers you may choose from when purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy, so you can customize your coverage to fit your budget and demands.

5. What does compulsory deductible mean?

The amount that the policyholder is required to pay to the insurer at the time of claim settlement is known as the mandatory deductible.

6)Does the oriental comprehensive bike insurance cover depreciation?

No, under The oriental comprehensive bike insurance, depreciation is not covered.

7)Is it necessary for me to purchase third-party bike insurance after I have comprehensive coverage?

Third-party insurance is already included in comprehensive bike insurance, therefore it is not necessary to acquire it separately.

8) Is there a grace period included in my current the Oriental policy?

Yes, when renewing your Oriental comprehensive bike insurance, you will have a grace period.

9) Why is third-party motorcycle insurance required in India?

In India, the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates the purchase of third-party motorcycle insurance.

10)Is comprehensive bike insurance available? Is it necessary to inspect after the coverage has expired?

No, you can renew your comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy without having to go through an inspection.

11) Exactly what is the PA cover in Oriental insurance?

Personal accident insurance protects the owner's driver in the event of an accident or bodily injury.

12) Does motorcycle insurance cover a stolen bike?

Yes, if a motorcycle is stolen, the insurer is responsible for paying the claim.

13)How do I transfer my expired insurance to a new company?

Just visit www.quickinsure.co.in and renew your policy from the previous company to the new company.

14)Which is the easiest and quick type of insurance?

Third-party bike insurance is the easiest type of insurance.

15)What exactly is the PA cover?

Personal accident cover protects owner-driver in case of an accident, bodily injuries.

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