Frequently asked questions of Future Generali bike insurance-

1. What will the Future Generali two-wheeler insurance policy not cover?

If your two-wheeler insurance is involved in an accident as a result of an electrical failure, the damage will not be covered; similarly, if you are involved in an accident as a result of a drunk driving overdose, you will not be covered.

2. Does a future generali third-party policy include personal accident coverage?

Yes, third-party liability insurance is available. Personal accident coverage of up to Rs.15 lakh is available.

3. Does third-party insurance cover the legal liabilities of a hired driver?

Yes, you can add legal liability for paid drivers to your third-party two-wheeler insurance policy for an additional price.

4. Can I get additional two-wheeler insurance coverage from Future Generali?

When purchasing Future generali insurance, the following add-on cover is available Zero depreciation and consumable covers are the most common add-ons of Future Generali bike insurance.

5. Is there a cashless claim settlement option with Future Generali?

Yes, Future Generali provides cashless claim settlement at over 2500 garages across India.

6. What does NCB protection imply?

Even if you file a claim, this add-on policy will keep the No Claim Bonus element.

7. Can you transfer your two-wheeler insurance policy?

Yes, you can transfer your two-wheeler insurance coverage to the new owner within 15 days if you're selling your vehicle.

8. How many claims are allowed in a Future generali bike insurance policy?

Future generali policyholders will be limited to two claims for parked bike damage or loss caused by external events such as floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

9. Is it necessary to have 5 years of third-party two-wheeler insurance?

Yes, according to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, for a new two-wheeler it is necessary to have 5 years of third party insurance

10. For how long is Future generali vehicle insurance valid?

Any sort of bike insurance, in general, has a one-year validity period from the date of purchase. The Supreme Court declared in July 2018 that all new motor insurance policies must include 5 years of third-party liability coverage and for new bike insurance policies it will be 3years of insurance of the third party.

11. Can the bike's owner be covered in the two-wheeler insurance policy?

Yes, the registered owner of the vehicle must be insured against the risk of a personal accident if he or she has a valid driver's license.

12. Is passenger cover included in two-wheeler insurance?

No, in two-wheeler insurance passenger cover does not include.

13. Is their inspection requires for a two-wheeler if the policy gets expired?

No, Inspection does not require for two-wheeler even if the insurance policy gets expired.

14. Can I renew my bike insurance policy online?

Yes, you can renew your bike insurance policy online by entering minor details of the previous policy.

15. What is meant by a No Claim Bonus in a Two-wheeler insurance policy?

If you have not claimed anything on your policy in the previous term, you get a discount on your bike insurance premium. This discount is called the No Claim Bonus.


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