Frequency asked questions about Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance

1. Is Bajaj Allianz is private or a Government Company?

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company is one of the largest private insurers in India.

2. Is my two-wheeler covered for all-purpose other than personal and commercial use?

No, as per terms and conditions, your policy will cover your vehicle for purpose of personal use not for commercial use.

3. What is the bike insurance in Bajaj Allianz?

Bajaj Allianz bike insurance is a safety plan that protects bike owners from any liability to third parties, arising due to the usage of the two-wheeler.

4. Does Bajaj Allianz will provide 24x7 roadside assistance?

Yes, Bajaj Allianz will provide 24x7 roadside assistance.

5. For how long is my two-wheeler insurance policy valid?

Your two-wheeler insurance policy remains in force for 12 months from the date of commencement.

6. I am selling my car. Can I transfer the policy to the new owner?

If you sell your two-wheeler to a new owner, the two-wheeler can be transferred in the name of the buyer. Within 14 days policy can be transferred to the two-wheeler’s new owner.

7. What does the benefit of NCB?

If you have NCB you can avail of discounts ranging from 20-50% on the own damage premium amount.

8. Why should you buy Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance online?

Purchasing it online from Bajaj Allianz cuts down your work by you could pick after reviewing the options at the convenience of your home and a quick, easy process.

9. Is my NCB transferable in Bajaj Allianz?

Yes, of course, NCB is transferable when you are changing your two-wheeler insurance company.

10. Why should I pay an additional premium apart from my insurance cover for the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler policy?

An additional premium is only required for add-on cover, these are additional riders that maximize the value of your car insurance policy.

11. Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance policy how much coverage does it offer?

Bajaj Allianz's two-wheeler insurance lets you purchase two-wheeler insurance online. It will depend on the IDV of the two-wheeler and its price.

12. How many network garages do Bajaj Allianz have?

There are around 4375 authorized network garages registered under Bajaj Allianz across the whole nation.

13. Should I make small claims in Bajaj Allianz?

It is suggested that policyholders should not make the small claim as it would later affect their chances of claiming for NCB at the time of policy renewal.

14 Do I have to pay a higher premium if my two-wheeler gets older?

Yes, the age of your car has a determining effect on your premium rates. The older the car, the higher is the premium amount that you will be required to pay because older cars are more prone to damages from accidents than a new two-wheeler.

15. If I wish to save on my two-wheeler insurance premium, should I opt for a monthly payment?

Yearly premium payments ensure lesser premium charges than those paid monthly in Bajaj Allianz insurance.

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