The New India  Assurance-

The new India assurance company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. New India is India’s biggest public sector insurance company. It is under the ownership of the Ministry of finance. The company got nationalized in 1973 and founded by Dorabji Tata in the year 1919. The company provides its services in products such as motor insurance, health insurance, marine insurance, aviation insurance.

Frequently asked questions about bike insurance of The New India Assurance-

1)Is depreciation covered by The New India Assurance comprehensive bike insurance?

No, depreciation is excluded under The New India Assurance comprehensive bike insurance.

2)Do I need to buy third-party bike insurance after I get comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive bike insurance already includes third-party insurance, Hence it is not required to purchase third-party insurance separately.

3) Does my existing New India Assurancecoverage include a grace period?

Yes, The New India Assurancecomprehensive bike insurance has a grace period when renewing your bike insurance.

4) Why it is necessary to get third-party bike insurance in India?

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 makes it obligatory to obtain third-party bike insurance in India.

5)Does comprehensive bike insurance require an inspection once the policy has expired?

No, You can renew your comprehensive bike insurance policy without inspection.

6)What exactly is the PA cover?

Personal accident cover protects owner-driver in case of an accident, bodily injuries.

7)Does  Bike insurance cover stolen motorbikes?

Yes, the insurer is liable to pay the claim to the insured in case of a stolen motorbike.

8)How can renew my expired insurance into a different company?

You just need to visit www.quickinsure.co.in on the official website and renew your insurance.

9)What is meant by the third party in TP insurance?

The policy that covers losses of the third party only is considered as a third party.

10)Can I customize the IDV amount under comprehensive bike insurance?

Yes, You can easily customize the IDV amount as per your requirement.

11)Can I insure my bike for more than 1-year tenure?

Yes, you can take policy for more than 1 year. That is 3 years,5years.

12)Is attack by terrorists covered under SAOD policy?

No SAOD policy does not cover the terrorist attack.

13)What is the difference between SAOD policy and third-party policy?

The third-party policy covers liabilities arising from a third person and the SAOD policy protects the policyholder from own damage.

14)What is the difference between SAOD policy and comprehensive?

The comprehensive policy protects the insured from third parties liabilities As well as its damage liability but SAOD policy only protects you from your damage loss.

15)Is it needed to purchase SAOD policy After purchasing a comprehensive policy.

No, a comprehensive policy already insure its own damage loss.

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