Frequently asked questions about bike insurance of TATA AIG-

1) From where I can check my insurance is valid or not?

You can check your insurance status from VAHAN.

2)What is the five-year insurance rule also known as standalone insurance?

IRDAI has made it essential for all new two-wheelers to be provided with a 5-year insurance cover, after a Supreme Court judgement in September 2018.

3)How do I know when is going to expire my insurance?

The date of your insurance expiry is motioned on the policy terms.

4)Is tyre got covered under zero dep.?

No, the tyre does not get covered under zero depreciation.

5)How do I know that my policy is zero depreciation or not.

You can find add the section on the policy terms, which you will easily find there.

6)Which insurance is best for bikes?

Comprehensive insurance is best for bikes?

7)Does comprehensive insurance covers passenger?

Yes comprehensive insurance cover passenger, but needs to take passenger cover separately.

8)How many claims are allowed in bike insurance?

You can claim as many claims you want.

9)What is meant by deductibles of SAOD policy?

The deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket.

10)How can I check my claim history?

The easiest way to check is to ask TATA AIG about it by calling their toll-free number.

11)Is TP liability insurance required in India?

Liability insurance is compulsory according to Indian motor law.

12) Please explain the benefits of liability insurance.

This policy protects you from liability for third parties and property damage in the event of an accident.

13) How is the TPliability insurance fee determined?

Vehicle liability insurance charges are set based on the cubic capacity of the vehicle.

14) What exactly is a standalone Own Damage policy?

The policy of self-harm itself is that policyholders protect themselves from damage to the vehicle.

15) Does the SAOD policy also include TP liability insurance?

No, the SAOD policy does not cover TP liability insurance.

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