Renewal Car Insurance of Royal Sundaram Insurance.

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd formerly known as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance company Limited. It was founded in 2000 and was initially promoted as a joint venture between Sundaram Finance. Royal Sundaram has been providing innovative general insurance solutions to individuals, businesses.

 What is a renewal of policy in Royal Sundaram Insurance?

A car insurance policy needs to be renewed after the expiry of its tenure to keep the car insured against accidents, losses. Renewal of your car insurance policy with Royal Sundaram is an easy, Safety and quick process.

What are the Benefits of renewing your policy with the same company?

1. Opt for add-ons- One of the important benefits of Royal Sundaram Car insurance Renewal was they give the option to purchase several add-on covers plus free roadside assistance during emergencies.

2. Hassle-free claim-Royal sundaram’s service gives fast disbursal and hassle-free claim settlement during policy renewal.

3. Compare –Royal Sundaram Always compare policy details and premium amounts of multiple insurance providers before finalizing any car insurance policy for renewal.

4. Keep details handy-This company keeps your policy number and other details handy to ensure speedy renewal without wasting time.

5. Support-The liabilities arising from damage to the car, theft of the car, third party claim, etc. can be steep. A comprehensive car insurance policy takes care of these expenses, you don’t need to pay them from your own pockets.

 What happens if the policy gets expired?

In Third-party insurance-According to Motor Vehicle Act 1986, having a valid third-party insurance policy is mandatory for every car on Indian roads. If you are caught driving without a valid insurance policy, then you can be fined or even imprisoned. So it’s better to renew the policy on time.

In comprehensive car insurance- Car insurance Policy benefits like No claim bonus is applicable at the time of comprehensive car insurance policy renewals Plus you have to inspect your car if you miss renewing the policy.

In StandAlone Own damage Car, insurance-Standalone own damage cover protects the owner's driver against any damage, loss of the car, theft, and personal accident cover for the owner. It is a wholesome cover that gives through the protection of the car along with CPA cover up to 15 lakh.

What Documents are required for inspection?

The following documents need for inspection are as follows-

RC copy of a car

Previous year policy copy

Car’s Photos according to the requirement

Driving license

Inspection of the car need to be inspected between 10 am to 6 pm in a vacant place and under sunlight.

 What can you do if your policy expires?

-Contact Online Quickinsure insurance brokers to know the further process of renewal

-Avoid driving a car till you get a new policy, because your policy expired and you don’t have any protection right now.

-For renewal, you need to visit and decide which policy is suitable for you.

-You need to have your previous year's policy for further documentation or renewal.

-After the expiration of the policy, you need to face an inspection for your vehicle. Inspection is needed to decide whether your vehicle qualifies for insurance or not. After a successful inspection, your vehicle is eligible for renewed insurance.


1. Is car insurance renewal is mandatory in India?

Yes, Car insurance renewal is mandatory in India for many reasons, the first and foremost being the rising number of road accidents in India. As per the Motor vehicle Act, 1988 every owner-driver is legally required to carry a car insurance policy. Owner-drivers of the car are required to at least carry a valid third-party car insurance policy and renew it before expiry.

2. Is car insurance renewal also required for old cars?

Car insurance renewal is mandatory for all types of cars in public places in India, irrespective of their age.

3. Is it Royal Sundaram’s Renewal of car insurance that can be paid in installments?

No, you can’t pay the car insurance premium in installments. According to Sec 64VB of the Insurance Act, 1938 does not permit insurance companies to provide coverage of premium to policyholders.





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