Renewal Car Insurance of Reliance General Insurance.

Reliance general insurance was incorporated on 17 Aug 2000. It is an Indian private insurance company and wholly-owned through Reliance Capital. It received the license to conduct general insurance business in India from the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India.

 What is the renewal of policy in Reliance General Insurance?

In Reliance General Insurance, you are renewing the policy on time, which means that you wish to continue with the current insurance company. Even if you plan to switch your car insurance, you must buy a new policy before your existing policy expires To avoid any risks.  

 What are the Benefits of renewing your policy with the same company?

Law mandates that all vehicles must have a valid insurance policy to play legally on public roads is one of the most important benefits of insurance.

No matter how good a driver you are, you aren’t the only one who drives on the roads And the mistakes of others can also entangle you into an accident hence if you have car insurance you will be protected from any financial losses.

Most importantly, When you renew your policy from reliance insurance, you get a sense of security, This allows you to drive around with confidence.

During renewal policy from reliance general, you can opt for car insurance online which is a quicker and more affordable option.

 What happens if the policy gets expired?

In Third-party insurance-In Reliance general, If any event of an accident involves other individuals or properties, your insurance renewal will save the day for you. It will take care of expenses arising out of an accident and handle the legal aspect of the third party as well. It will also give protection against paying steep fines

In comprehensive car insurance- Online car insurance renewal of your comprehensive cover in reliance general then you can continue with your car’s coverage against natural calamities such as earthquake, landslide, flood, etc. On the other hand, man-made tragedies like theft, vandalism, riots, etc. will also be covered. If you will not renew your insurance on time your car gets inspected.

In StandAlone Own damage Car insurance-In Reliance general insurance, You lose the discount on insurance premium which can be availed during policy renewal. The discount starts from a minimum of 20% for the first year and goes up to50% for the fifth consecutive No Claim year.

What Documents are required for inspection?

The following documents need for inspection are as follows-

RC copy of a car

Previous year policy copy

Car’s Photos according to the requirement

Driving license

Inspection of a car need to be inspected between 10 am to 6 pm in a vacant place and under sunlight.

 What can you do if your policy expires?

-Contact Online Quickinsure insurance brokers to know the further process of renewal

-Avoid driving a car till you get a new policy because your policy expired and you don’t have any protection right now.

-For renewal, you need to visit and decide which policy is suitable for you.

-You need to have your previous year's policy for further documentation or renewal.

-After the expiration of the policy, you need to face an inspection for your vehicle. Inspection is needed to decide whether your vehicle qualifies for insurance or not. After a successful inspection, your vehicle is eligible for renewed insurance.


1. Does place of residence affect the premium amount while renewal?

Yes, the amount of premium you pay is determined by the zone you live in. Per Indian Motor Tariff Act has specific zones that have different rating and affects the amount of premium.

2. Am I eligible to get NCB on an expired policy?

Yes, Your NCB on the existing policy is terminated if the policy is not renewed within 90 days from the date of expiry.

3. What is a break in the renewal insurance policy?

When your policy completes a year, you need to make it renewed before the expiration date. If you miss the deadline even by a day, your policy will have a break.

4. Are there any special discounts available for the renewal of policy for handicapped people?

Yes, For handicapped persons, a discount of 50 percent is available on their Own damage premium. It will be provided that the vehicle has been modified for use.


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