Renewal Car Insurance of Raheja QBE General Insurance.

Raheja QBE General Insurance Company was incorporated on 14 Aug 2007. This Company is known for offering exclusive policies. Raheja QBE is a joint venture between QBE Holding Pty. Ltd and Prism Cement Limited of Rajan Raheja Group. Raheja QBE insurance company created a buzz in the global market not only with Success but also with experience in delivering the best services.

What is a renewal of policy in Raheja QBE  General Insurance?

From 1 September 2019, the insurance regulatory and development authority of India introduced the standalone own-damage car insurance. Under this plan, the insured gets insurance coverage only for the own damage sustained by the owner-driver of a car in a road accident, man-made calamity, fire, theft, etc. A stand-alone own-damage car insurance policy aims to offer the insured the flexibility in terms of the insurance provider they want to choose.

What are the Benefits of renewing your policy with the same company?

1. Minimum documents required-Raheja QBE general insurance company will give Quick processing of consumer requests with minimal documentation required.

2. Covers damages to car-Raheja QBE Car Insurance Policy covers any damages to your car due to accidents or Man-made calamities and takes care of the repair costs

3. Covers your Car against theft-In case your car is stolen and cannot be recovered then Raheja QBE will pay for your loss.

4. Simple Customization process-Raheja QBE insurance company will renew car insurance policy online is easy to customization and you can easily modify the coverage of your policy online.

5 . Protection against the Third-party- Raheja QBE Car Insurance Policy helps you mitigate third-party liabilities such as bodily injuries, death as well as property damage. While compensation of third-party property damage is limited to Rs.7.5 lakh.

What happens if the policy gets expired?

In Third-party insurance-Renew third-party policy as soon as possible. While not driving and avoiding legal penalties is in your control. It will not legal to drive a car on Indian roads without at least third-party insurance.

 In comprehensive car insurance- If your comprehensive car insurance policy gets expired then the insurer needs to inspect the vehicle and also they will lose NCB points. Postponing the inspection will delay the renewal process.

In Stand-Alone Own damage Car insurance-Stand-Alone own-damage car insurance gets expired. In case of accident happen and your car gets damaged, you will liable to pay car damages expenses from your own pocket, Vise versa if you have a SAOD policy you don’t need to pay it from your pocket. If you do not renew the plan within the stipulated time, you make lose the accumulated No Claim Bonus of policy.

What Documents are required for inspection?

The following documents need for inspection are as follows-                  

RC copy of a car

Previous year policy copy

Car’s Photos according to the requirement

Driving license

Inspection of a car need to be inspected between 10 am to 6 pm in a vacant place.

What can you do if your policy expires?

-Contact Online Quickinsure insurance brokers to know the further process of renewal

-Avoid driving a car till you get a new policy because your policy expired and you don’t have any protection right now.

-For renewal, you need to visit and decide which policy is suitable for you.

-You need to have your previous year's policy for further documentation or renewal.

-After the expiration of the Policy, you need to face an inspection for your vehicle. Inspection is needed to decide whether your vehicle is qualified for insurance or not. After a successful inspection, your vehicle is eligible for renewed insurance.


1. It is necessary to renew your car insurance policy?

Renewing a car insurance policy on time ensures you enjoy the following benefits.

Saves money from repair costs, lives stress-free, avoids penalties, leverages on benefits of the policy. Safeguard against accident, legal issues.

2. Is it renewal car insurance policy from Raheja QBE is easy?

Yes, the Renewal of a car insurance policy need not be a cumbersome task. With digital insurers such as Raheja QBE, the process is instant and hassle-free.

3. How long before can I renew my car insurance policy from Raheja QBE?

It is ideal to renew your car insurance policy from Raheja QBE is before 15 to 30 days of the expiry date to avoid rejection of claims and the possibility of a higher premium.

4. What are slabs of NCB discount in Raheja QBE?

No Claim Bonus(NCB) is a discount, given by an insurer to a policyholder for making NCB during the policy tenure.

NCB Slabs are 0%, 25%,35%,45%,50% this  are the slabs ob NCB.

5. Can I pay my car insurance premium online?

Yes, you can pay the premium online by using any debit or credit card or net banking.


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