Addon covers provide additional policy coverage that policyholders can purchase for a small additional price. The policy coverage extension makes it easier for the automobile owner to deal with a variety of problems.

Buy these addon covers along with your United India insurance policy and get enhanced insurance coverage for your bike

  • Nil Depreciation Cover

In the event of a partial loss claim for the repair of your bike, this add-on cover will come to your rescue. In such circumstances, no depreciation will be taken into account when calculating the amount of your claim using this add-on benefit. This coverage is available by paying an additional premium in addition to your regular premium.

  • Return To Invoice

In case of theft or total damage of the vehicle, with this addon, the policyholder is entitled to the original invoice value of your bike, which includes registration fees and road tax. If you have a brand new vehicle or a premium vehicle, this addon is a must-buy.

Any loss or damage to your bike's engine and/or gearbox, including consequential losses, will be covered under this add-on plan. It is recommended to buy this addon if one resides in a flood-prone area. The add-on covers damages incurred by the engine and/or gearbox or its parts damaged due to water ingression (due to being submerged or stopped in a waterlogged area), leakage of lubricating oil caused by external accidental means.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I be able to renew my bike’s insurance policy?

The policy can be renewed 45 days prior to the policy's expiry date until the policy's expiry date.

  • Is it compulsory to purchase an addon cover with my bike insurance policy?

No, purchasing an add-on cover with your policy is not required. The add-on covers are designed to give you the option of conveniently enhancing the insurance coverage of your bike insurance plan and receiving additional advantages without spending a lot of money.

  • How long is two-wheeler insurance cover valid for?

Typically, General insurance cover is valid for a period of one year, unless stated otherwise.

  • When can I buy addon covers?

You can buy addon covers at the time of purchase or renewal of policy by paying a little extra premium. Our experts at Quickinsure will help you select the addon plans that suit your needs. Get in touch right away!

  • Can I buy Zero Depreciation add-on cover at the time of renewal of my bike insurance policy?

Yes, when renewing your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy, you can choose zero depreciation coverage.

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