A comprehensive insurance plan does not cover a few items like depreciation or certain elements of your vehicle. There's where add-on covers come in. Buy these addon covers along with your Edelweiss insurance policy and get enhanced insurance coverage for your bike.

  • Depreciation Protect

The ‘depreciation protect’ cover is also known as nil depreciation cover. This addon waives off the liability of depreciation from the policyholder. To make a claim on this addon, it is recommended that the damaged vehicle is repaired in any network garage. The company might deduct a certain amount during claims if the vehicles are repaired in non-network workshops or garages.

  • NCB Protection

The NCB Protect add-on cover, as the name suggests, allows you to keep your existing NCB discount even if you file claims in the policy term. However, in order to benefit from this coverage, the policy must be renewed before the expiry date or within 90 days of the expiry date.

  • Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is an add-on cover that provides assistance in the event that the insured bike breaks down. This service includes on-site repairs as well as towing to the closest workshop. If you love taking road trips around the country, this addon ensures a smooth and worry-free trip.

  • Tyre Protection Cover

The flat tyre add-on advantage will cover your two-wheeler in the event that it is punctured or has a tyre burst. This flat tyre service is only available within a 50-kilometer radius of any facilitator-covered town.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the zero-depreciation add-on cover applicable to engine parts?

No, the zero depreciation add-on covers do not provide engine damage protection. Customers must choose an engine cover add-on to protect the car's engine from losses or damages.

  • What services does the roadside assistance add-on cover?

Edelweiss provides roadside assistance to policyholders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of abreakdown. Fuel delivery, battery top-up, and car breakdown assistance, such as repairing a flat tyre, are all included in the service.

  • Is NCB offered by Edelweiss General Insurance?

Just like all other general insurance companies, Edelweiss General Insurance also offers NCB Discount. This discount can be up to 50% if no claim is filed for 5 years.

  • Does Edelweiss insurance offer 24*7 customer support services?

Yes, the company offers 24*7 customer support services.

  • When can I buy addon covers?

You can buy addon covers at the time of purchase or renewal of policy by paying a little extra premium. Our experts at Quickinsure will help you select the addon plans that suit your needs. Get in touch right away!


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