SBI general insurance Company provides a variety of add-on cover options that the policy holder can purchase alongside a comprehensive or SAOD insurance policy. Buy these add-on covers with your SBI General two-wheeler insurance policy to enhance the coverage for your bike.

  • Return to Invoice Cover

This add-on benefit is available for vehicles that are less than five years old.  The addon entitles you to compensation equivalent to the car's invoice value, or the car's original worth when you purchased it. This add-on is useful in the event of theft or total car damage.

  • NCB Protection

Every claim-free year earns you a No Claim Bonus which acts as a discount on your next year's premium. NCB accumulates over time if no claims are filed, and is forfeited if even a single claim is filed. As a result, if you purchase the Protection of NCB add-on cover, the insurer will protect your No Claim Bonus at renewal time, even if you have filed a claim in the previous policy year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a two-wheeler insurance policy add-on?

Add-on covers in two-wheeler insurance refer to additional coverage that can be purchased (at an additional fee) to expand the coverage of an insurance plan. These add-ons are available for purchase with either comprehensive insurance plans or standalone own-damage insurance plans.

  • What documents are necessary for two-wheeler insurance add-on covers?

Buying add-ons does not require any additional documentation. You can add them to your bike insurance coverage at the time of purchase or renewal by paying a small additional price.

  • What should I know before purchasing a bike insurance add-on?

You should understand the coverage, features, and premium amount of a bike insurance add-on before purchasing it. Experts at Quickinsure can help you choose the best addons, with complete knowledge about the coverage of the ones you want to buy. Get in touch with us today!

  • Is it compulsory to purchase two-wheeler insurance addon covers?

Bike insurance add-ons are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended because they expand the coverage of your bike insurance policy.

  • What is the depreciation cover?

When you choose this coverage, your insurance provider pays the depreciated value of your bike at the time of claim settlement, which would otherwise be deducted from the claim amount. It is one of the most popular add-on covers and can help save a lot of money.

  • When can I buy bike insurance add-on covers from SBI General Insurance Company?

You can buy SBI bike insurance add-ons at the time of purchase orrenewal of your bike insurance policy.



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