Buy New India two-wheeler insurance addon covers with your policy to enhance your bike’s insurance coverage.

Accessories Cover

Bike owners often customize their bikes to improve their appearance and performance. This add-on is advised for anybody who enjoys customizing their bikes, as certain additions are costly, and any damage to them might turn out to be quite expensive. This addon will cover the damages to such accessories. The cost of such customizations has to be declared to the insurer at the time of purchasing the policy.

Pillion Cover

A pillion rider add-on safeguards a co-passenger or pillion rider who rides with the driver on the two-wheeler. It covers the costs for the pillion rider in the unfortunate event of an accident, including accidental death and permanent or partial disability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a two-wheeler insurance policy add-on?

Add-on covers in two-wheeler insurance refer to additional coverage that can be purchasedat an additional feeto expand the coverage of an insurance plan. These add-ons are available for purchase with either comprehensive insurance plans or standalone own-damage insurance plans.

2. What are the necessary documents for two-wheeler insurance add-on covers?

Buying add-ons does not require any additional documentation. You can add them to your bike insurance coverage at the time of purchase or renewal by paying a small additional price.

3. What should I know before purchasing a bike insurance add-on cover?

You should thoroughly understand the coverage, features, and premium amount of a bike insurance add-on before purchasing it. Experts at Quickinsure can help you choose the best addons, with complete knowledge about the coverage of the ones you want to buy. Get in touch with us today!

4. Is it compulsory to purchase two-wheeler insurance add-on covers?

Bike insurance add-ons are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended because they expand the coverage of your bike insurance policy.

5. When can I buy bike insurance add-on covers from New India?

You can buy New India bike insurance add-ons at the time of purchase or renewal of your two-wheeler insurance policy.

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