Liberty General Insurance Company offers a wide range of add-on covers that you can add to your policy during the purchase or renewal of the policy. Buy these addon covers along with your Liberty insurance policy and get enhanced insurance coverage for your bike.

  • Consumables Cover

Consumable expenses such as screws, nuts and bolts, oils, and other such items are not covered in a regular bike insurance policy, so, the policyholder has to bear the cost of repair or replacement if the need arises. With this add-on, your insurance will pay for the cost of such consumables.

  • Gap Value Cover

In the event of theft, total loss, or constructive total loss, having this add-on protection will allow the policyholder to obtain the full invoice price of the bike. In exchange for an additional premium, it also covers Road Tax and first-time registration fees.

  • Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is an add-on cover that provides assistance in the event that the insured bike breaks down. This service includes on-site repairs as well as towing to the closest workshop. If you love taking road trips around the country, this addon ensures a smooth and worry-free trip.

  • Engine Protector

This coverage protects the policyholder against the costs of a mechanical or electrical engine breakdown caused by an oil spill or water infiltration. This cover is highly recommended if onelives in flood-prone areas.

  • Depreciation Cover

Depreciation reduces the value of a vehicle over time. This has an impact on the claim amount as well because the insurer subtracts the cost of depreciation of the replaced parts from the sanctioned amount. This addon waives off the liability of depreciation from the policyholder.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much money do I have to pay for add-on covers?

Different add-on covers are available at different rates. You can check the cost of addons and effective total premium in a few clicks here.

  • Is purchasing personal accident cover as part of a bike insurance policy required?

Every vehicle owner is required to have personal accident insurance. The vehicle owner has the option of purchasing it either as part of a bike insurance policy or individually.

  • In bike insurance, what is the Sum Insured?

The highest amount you can get from your insurer during a claim settlement is known as the ‘Sum Insured’. The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your two-wheeler is equal to the Sum Insured.

  • When can I buy bike insurance add-on covers from Liberty General Insurance Company?

You can buy Liberty bike insurance add-ons when purchasing the insurance cover or when renewing your bike’s insurance policy.

  • How long does a two-wheeler insurance policy last?

Unless otherwise stated, a vehicle insurance policy is valid for a period of one year.


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