Raheja QBE offers a wide range of add-on options to choose from when purchasing or renewing your policy. Buy these Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance addon covers with your policy to enhance your bike’s insurance coverage.

  • Depreciation Reimbursement

Depreciation refers to the loss in the price of your bike as it ages. So, if your bike was initially worth Rs.  80,000, when it was new and is now worth Rs. 50,000, the depreciation you've experienced is around Rs. 30,000.

This add-on cover reimburses you for the cost ofdepreciation from the value of parts that were replaced due to damages or accidents. This addon offers compensation for different parts of your two-wheeler, which generally get depreciated over time.The cover is generally applicable to new automobiles that are less than five years old.

This cover is more commonly known as ‘Nil/ Zero Depreciation’ or ‘Bumper-to-Bumper’ cover. Find out more about this cover and related benefits here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I buy the Raheja QBE bike insurance add-on coverage and include them in my plan?

You can purchase Raheja QBE bike insurance add-ons when purchasing the insurance cover or when renewing your bike’s insurance policy.

  • Can I transfer my No Claim bonus when changing my insurer?

Yes, you can transfer the benefits of your no-claim bonus when you switch your insurance policy from one insurer to another. However, this can be done only up to 90 days from the policy expiry date.

  • How many addon covers can I buy?

There's no such limit. You can buy as many addons as per your particular requirements.

  • Can I change my insurer?

Yes, you can change the insurer at the time of renewal. It is an extremely easy process and requires no paperwork.

  • Is purchasing personal accident cover as part of a bike insurance policy required?

Every vehicle owner is required to have personal accident insurance. The vehicle owner has the option of purchasing it either as part of a bike insurance policy or individually.




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