Future Generali offers a wide range of add-on options to choose from when purchasing or renewing your policy. Buy these Future Generali two-wheeler insurance addon covers with your policy to enhance your bike’s insurance coverage.

  • No Claim Bonus Protection

You earn a discount in the form of a ‘No Claim Bonus’ on every claim-free renewal. You lose this discount when you make a claim. The NCB Protection add-on guarantees that in the event of an accident, your No Claim Bonus discount would be preserved for the next renewal of your policy.

  • Inconvenience Allowance

With this addon, the policyholder can avail daily allowance from the insurer in case the insured bike is lost, stolen, or is out for repairs. This allowance is paid in case of partial loss claims only.

  • Loss of Personal Belongings

This add-on compensates for the loss or damage to the insured's possessions that were in the vehicle at the time of the loss or damage.

  • Return to Invoice

This add-on cover is available for vehicles up to 5 years old from the time of registration.The add-on allows you to receive compensation equal to the car's invoice value i.e., the original value of the car when you bought it. This addon is beneficial in case of theft or total damage to the vehicle. It is recommended to buy this cover if you have a new bike or a superbike.

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

Depreciation refers to the wear and tear on your vehicle over time, and it lowers the worth of the vehicle. With the use of a zero depreciation cover, a policyholder may transfer the burden of bearing the expense of depreciation to the insurance provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I transfer the existing No Claim Bonusto the new owner of my bike?

No. NCB is allowed tothe policyholder and not to the insured bike. Hence, on the sale of the old bike, while the insurance policy can be transferred to the new owner the No Claim Bonus cannot be transferred. However, you can transfer it to your new bike.

  • What is vehicle insurance add-on coverage?

An add-on, also known as a rider, is a premium-based addition to a basic insurance policy that increases the policy's coverage.

  • Why do I need a bike Insurance policy,is it compulsory?

Insuring all vehicles against the risks of third-party damage is mandatory as per Motor Vehicle Act 1988. This means third-party coverage is mandatory.

  • Is it possible to purchase additional coverage with a third-party bike insurance policy?

No. Add-on coverage can be purchased with either a standalone own damage policy or a comprehensive insurance policy, but not with a third-party bike insurance policy

  • When can I buy the Future Generali bike insurance add-on coverage and include them in my plan?

You can purchase Future Generali bike insurance add-ons when purchasing the insurance cover or when renewing your bike’s insurance policy.


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