United India Insurance Stand Alone Own Damage Bike Policy


United India has been at the forefront of designing and implementing complex covers for a large number of Indian customers. It was incorporated as a company on 18th February 1938 and nationalized in 1972. 

Stand Alone Own Damage Two Wheeler Policy in United India Insurance Company

Stand alone own damage policy covers the losses for damage of the policyholder up to the IDV value. The policy also provides CPA cover to the policyholder up to the amount of 15 lakh rupees. The policy is beneficial for the own damages of the policyholder.

Benefits of buying Stand Alone Own Damage policy from United India Insurance.

  • The policyholder is free from any financial burden that was arising from any unfortunate event.
  • The policyholder’s vehicle gets covered up to the IDV amount.
  • Since, the policy can be bought online, the process is very simple.
  • A minimum documentation process is required.
  • Affordable and reasonable premiums

How to purchase Stand Alone Own Damage Policy from United India Insurance.

  1. Visit the Quickinsure website
  2. Click on the ‘two-wheeler insurance’ icon
  3. Enter your vehicle registration number according to your vehicle’s registration certificate (RC)
  4. You can compare quotations from various insurers and select the one that suits your needs.
  5. Fill out the proposal form.
  6. Complete the payment and your policy will be instantly in your inbox.

Coverage of United India Insurance Stand Alone Own Damage Policy

  • Policy covers all the losses up to the IDV amount.
  • You can avail various addon covers to enhance your policy coverage
  • CPA cover in case of death or bodily injuries the policyholder.
  • Theft, fire, manmade, and natural calamities also get covered.

Exclusions under Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy in United India Insurance.

  • Policy wording excludes third-party liability.
  • A time period that does not correspond to the insurance's term is not covered by the policy.
  • No compensation is available for driving without a license, driving while drunk, or other comparable offenses.
  • Flood damage to a two-wheeler when the manufacturer does not offer flood insurance.


1. Up to how much amount the policyholders’ vehicle gets covered under SAOD policy?

The insured vehicle gets covered up to the IDV amount.

2. What is meant by the renewal of the SAOD policy?

A Renewal means buying a new policy due to the expiry of the current policy.

3. Can third-party liabilities also get covered under SAOD policy?

No, third-party liabilities are not covered in an SAOD policy.

4. What is the timeframe up to which the vehicle is covered under SAOD policy?

The vehicle is covered for the duration mentioned in the policy, usually, this duration is one year.

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