Raheja QBE Stand Alone Own Damage 2 Wheeler Insurance Policy

Raheja QBE General Insurance Company is a joint venture between Rajan Raheja Group and QBE Holdings. QBE Holdings is a leading global insurer from Australia.

What is meant by Stand Alone Own Damage Bike Policy in Raheja QBE

Unlike the mandatory third party two wheeler insurance, buying OD insurance is optional. You can be financially protected in case your two wheeler gets damaged by including the OD two-wheeler insurance with third-party liability. Standalone own damage policy protects you against repair and replacement costs when your two wheeler gets damaged due to an accident, man-made calamities or natural, fire, etc.

Benefits of buying Stand Alone Own Damage policy from Raheja QBE

  • Transparency

When you buy two-wheeler insurance online, you have access to all information. This visibility ensures that you are aware of all terms and conditions and that you are not subjected to undue pressure when applying for insurance coverage.

  • Security

When you submit your bike insurance information online, you can rest assured that it will be kept safe and secure. Making payments for your bike insurance online is easier than ever before, thanks to several security features that secure your personal and financial information.

  • Customization

If you wish to buy add-ons to your bike insurance online, you may do so easily.

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How to purchase Stand Alone Own Damage Policy from Raheja QBE

  1. Visit the Quickinsure website from the browser on your device
  2. Click on the ‘2 wheeler insurance’ icon on the screen
  3. Enter the vehicle registration number according to your vehicle’s registration certificate (RC)
  4. You can compare quotations from multiple insurance vendors and select the best fit
  5. Next, fill out the proposal form and crosscheck the details to ensure accuracy
  6. Complete the payment directly to insurer and your policy will be instantly in your inbox

Coverage of Stand Alone Own Damage Policy in Raheja QBE

In case of Raheja QBE Damages to your two-wheeler are beyond repair, OD Insurance will compensate you for such losses based on terms and conditions. Own damage insurance is extensive, wherein an individual can select add-on riders in order to enhance their basic two-wheeler insurance plan coverage. A policyholder who priorly had an own damage two-wheeler insurance cover and did not make any claims can transfer their accumulated NCB for a discount on their present own damage premium.

This plan covers the damages to your bike in the event of an accident or collision. A standalone own damage plan protects your bike from damage caused by earthquakes, floods, cyclones, and other natural disasters. The policy also protects you against damages caused by strikes, riots, explosions, and other man-made calamities. A standalone personal damage plan also protects you against bike theft. This plan also covers your bike's damages caused by fire and explosions.

Exclusions under Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy in Raheja QBE

  • A mishap that occurs due to some form of illegal driving is not covered in Raheja QBE
  • Claims arising from contractual obligations are not covered
  • Damages that have been caused to the bike consequently and not during an accident are not covered under standalone own damage
  • Use of vehicle for a purpose apart from the one mentioned in the policy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Own Damage insurance in Raheja QBE?

Bike Own damage insurance is a form of insurance to help you in the event of damage to your two-wheeler in an accident. Bike Own damage insurance covers a wide variety of cases, from broken windows to theft or damages arising out of an accident.

2. Can the occupants or passengers traveling in my two-wheeler be insured?

Yes, they may be insured against the risk of personal accident for a sum not exceeding Rs.2 lakhs per passenger by paying an additional premium.

3. Can the owner of the 2 wheeler also be insured under the same policy?

Yes, it is compulsory to insure the Registered Owner of 2 wheeler against the risk of personal accident only if the owner holds a valid driving license. This cover is available on payment of a nominal premium.

4. How many types of bike insurance policies does Raheja QBE provide?

Customer can get three types of bike insurance policies with Raheja QBE- a comprehensive insurance policy, a stand-alone own damage insurance policy, and a third party liability insurance policy.

5. Is it necessary to buy SAOD insurance for my two-wheeler?

No, as per law it is not mandatory to buy a standalone own damage insurance policy plan for your two-wheeler. However, according to Indian Motor Traffic Act, it is necessary to purchase at least a third party liability insurance plan for your two-wheeler.

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