Bajaj Alliianz Stand Alone Own Damage Bike insurance Policy

Bajaj Allianz India Insurance Company is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, and was founded in 2001. Bajaj Allianz is one of the leading general insurers in India. Bajaj Allianz is a joint venture between Allianz SE, a global leading insurer, and Bajaj Finserv Limited.

What is meant by Stand Alone Own Damage Bike Policy in Bajaj Alliianz?

Your beloved bike navigates through a lot every day- traffic jams, potholes, and the car driver who is in a hurry to overtake you. Its time your bike and your pockets get the protection they deserve. The best solution is to have insurance coverage that will cover the expenses of unforeseen accidents and emergencies.

Benefits of buying Stand Alone Own Damage policy from Bajaj Alliianz

  • Preferred Workshop

Bajaj Allianz will suggest preferred workshops associated with bike insurance which can be used for cashless and hassle-free claim servicing.

  • Easy Renewals

Buying or renewing process provided by the Bajaj Allianz company is simple and can be easily done online by visiting the Quickinsure website and filling in a few basic details about your vehicle.

  • Prompt Claims Servicing

Bajaj Allianz is known for fast and hassle-free claim servicing. The company adopts a simple process for settling claims.

  • Telephonic Assistance

24*7 telephonic assistance is provided to customers to deal with their claim-related inquiries

How to purchase Stand Alone Own Damage Policy from Bajaj Alliianz?

  1. Visit the Quickinsure website
  2. Click on the ‘two-wheeler insurance’ icon on your screen
  3. Enter your vehicle registration number
  4. You can compare quotations from various insurers and select the best fit
  5. Fill out the proposal form and verify that all details are correct
  6. Complete the payment and your policy will be instantly in your inbox.

 Coverage of Stand Alone Own Damage Policy in Bajaj Alliianz

Damages arising as a result of natural calamities including explosions, self-ignition or typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, etc., are covered in this policy. Bajaj Allianz bike insurance covers damages caused by man-made disasters like a riot, strike, theft, malicious, etc., and damage if the two-wheeler is in transit or accident by external means. Additionally, an amount up to a maximum of Rs.15 lakhs as personal accident insurance covers the owner.

There are various addon covers available, to broaden the scope of coverage of a SAOD policy. It may increase the premium amount but offers much more benefits and protection.

Exclusions under Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy in Bajaj Alliianz

  • Damage to consumables such as tubes and tyres where 50% of the replacement cost is provided only if the two-wheeler is damaged too.
  • If the insured two-wheeler is used for a purpose other than that mentioned in the policy
  • Damage or loss due to nuclear risk, war-like situations, etc. are not covered
  • Coverage does not apply to vehicles that violate traffic rules

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of two-wheeler insurance policies?

There are three types of two-wheeler insurance policies- comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, third party two-wheeler insurance, and Stand-Alone own damage insurance.

2. How to pay for two-wheeler insurance online?

Paying for two-wheeler insurance takes a few minutes. You can pay the premium online via net banking, debit or credit cards. If you need assistance in choosing your insurer, our experts at Quickinsure are just a call away!

3. How to renew my current two-wheeler insurance policy?

Renewing two-wheeler insurance is very easy.  You will be notified way in advance about your policy expiry date. Visit the Quickinsure website, and fill in the necessary details about your vehicle. Find a detailed article here.

4. If my two-wheeler was completely destroyed in an accident. Will the personal damage insurance cover the losses?

Yes, when the losses are irreversible, the stand-alone own damage two-wheeler insurance policy covers them.



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