What is a Car Insurance Premium Calculator?

A car insurance premium calculator can help you figure out how much a car insurance policy will cost you. This digital tool enables you to compare different insurance policies offered by various insurers. Just enter a few details about your car and calculate the premium for Bajaj Allianz car insurance policy in a single click.

How To Use a Car Insurance Premium Calculator?

  1. Enter car details such as model, fuel type, and registration details as per the registration certificate (RC)
  2. Enter the previous year’s policy details and claim details (if any)
  3. Select the add-ons of your choice (if applicable)
  4. Car insurance premium calculator will now display quotations from multiple insurers
  5. Compare premiums and benefits of the displayed plans and select the best fit
  6. Calculate Now

Benefits of Using A Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Easy to Use:Customers don’t have to call any insurance agent at home, or talk to an advisor on the phone for hours.The Quickinsure Car Insurance Premium Calculator gives you all the information you need, in just a few clicks.

Suitable Premium Plans: The main aim of buying an insurance policy is to get the best coverage at the most affordable premium. The premium calculator helps you to select the best plan according to your needs with premiums that suit your pockets.

Choose a Cost-Effective Plan: When you use the premium calculator to get quotes from top insurers for your car insurance, you can choose the most cost-effective plan based on your budget and needs. It allows you to get a fantastic deal. With Quickinsure, this process is easier. Our experts can assist you in selecting the best plan for your needs.

Best IDV- IDV value helps to determine the correct compensation amount for your vehicle, it is essentially the market value of your car which serves as the claim settlement amount in the event of theft or total loss of the vehicle. The premium calculator calculates the correct IDV for your car depending on its make, model, and age. Know more about IDV.

Tips To Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

NCB Transfer: Transfer the No Claim Bonus you have earned to your new vehicle policy to save more on the premium towards your new car’s insurance policy.

Anti-Theft Equipment: Anti-theft devices in your car reduce the chances of your car being stolen. This reduces the insurer’s liability. So, if you have installed anti-theft devices certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), you are eligible for a discount on your premiums.

Buy Online: When you buy insurance online, you can compare plans from various insurers to choose the most cost-effective plan.The icing on the cake? It is easy, fast, and paperless!

Add-on Covers: There is a wide variety of add-on covers available with insurers. These add-ons come at an added premium. The more the addons, the more the premium. So, make it a point to buy only the ones that fulfill your specific requirements.

Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Premium

Location: In a big city like Mumbai or Delhi, for example, rising traffic, congested roads, and other factors are common causes of accidents. Insuring a car in a tier 1 city will be more expensive than in a tier 3 city.

Depreciation: Depreciation is the gradual loss of an asset's value due to normal wear and tear over time. As the car grows older, its value decreases and thus premium also decreases.

IDV: IDV is the current market value of the car. The value decreases every year due to depreciation. The older the car, the less the value of the car. This means that insuring an old vehicle will be less expensive than insuring a new vehicle.

Model: Premiums towards insuring luxury cars are higher compared to budget cars. This is due to the higher cost of repairing or replacing parts in luxury or high-end vehicles. As a result, car insurance premiums for luxury or high-end vehicles are higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to calculate the insurance premium for a new vehicle?

You can use the quick insure Car Insurance Premium Calculator to calculate the insurance for your brand new car. To calculate, simply enter details as per the invoice. You will get quotations from numerous insurers. Calculate now.

2.Can I use a car insurance calculator at the time of renewal of my car insurance policy?

Yes, you can use Quickinsure Car Insurance Premium Calculator for calculating the premium for the renewal of your car insurance policy.You can compare quotations, add or subtract add-on covers and avail your No Claim Bonus discount as well.

3.What is the benefit of using a car insurance premium calculator?

Using Quickinsure Car Insurance Premium Calculator helps you understand which factors affect your insurance premium, and how much the policy is going to cost you. It enables you to compare the costs and benefits of various plans available with the insurers.

4.What is meant by zero depreciation add-on cover in Bajaj Allianz?

Zero depreciation is an addon cover that transfers the cost of depreciation of your car to the insurer. This add-on cover is highly recommended for new cars. Know more about Zero Depreciation cover and other car insurance add-ons provided by Bajaj Allianz.


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