What Is Meant by the Renewal of the Insurance Policy In ICICI Lombard?

Your two-wheeler insurance policy comes with an expiry date. The policy is generally valid for a period of one year. Renewal of policy refers to the extension of coverage for another year by paying the required premium amount before the expiration of the existing policy.

What are the Benefits of Renewing Your ICICI Lombard Policy With the Same Insurer?

Great Claim Support: ICICI Lombard is known to provide prompt and hassle-free claim support. Continuing your coverage with ICICI Lombard ensures easy and quick support when required.

No Claim Bonus: No Claim Bonus is a reward you get for making zero claims during the policy tenure of two-wheeler insurance.

Peace Of Mind: Timely renewal of the two-wheeler insurance policy ensures much-needed peace of mind and a sense of security against any unprecedented damages and resulting expenses.

How to Renew ICICI Lombard Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

  1. Visit the Quickinsure website from your browser.
  2. Click on the ‘2-wheeler insurance’ icon.
  3. Enter the vehicle registration number according to the registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle.
  4. You can compare quotations from multiple insurance vendors and select the best fit.
  5. Next, fill out the proposal form and ensure all details are entered accurately.
  6. Complete the payment directly to the insurer and your policy will instantly be in your inbox.

What Happens If The Policy Gets Expired?

If your third-party insurance policy gets expired, the policy will lapse, and you will be legally prohibited from driving a bike in India. If you don’t have valid third-party coverage, you may be subjected to paying a fine to the traffic police.

If your comprehensive bike coverage expires, you stand to lose all the accumulated benefits from past years. If your policy isn't renewed within 90 days of its expiration date, you'll lose your No Claim Bonus.

What To Do If The Policy Expires?

In case your policy expires, get it renewed as soon as possible. In certain cases the vehicle might have to be inspected, this can be done remotely with Quickinsure. Get in touch with the experts at Quickinsure or visit the website.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the validity of a two-wheeler insurance policy?

Two-wheeler insurance policy cover is valid for 12 months from the date of commencement.

Q2. What is the documentation required to renew a two-wheeler insurance policy?

A vehicle registration certificate (RC) and previous year’s policy copy are required for renewal.

Q3. What are the add-on benefits available with ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance policy?

ICICI Lombard provides add-on covers such as zero depreciation, garage cash cover, and more. Read a detailed article about ICICI Lombard two-wheeler addons.

Q4. Is cashless claim service available with ICICI Lombard?

Yes, ICICI Lombard has a network of tie-up garages all across the country.

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