Cholamandalam MS bike insurance renewal.


CholamandalamMs General insurance company is a joint venture between Murugappa Group and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, a Japanese insurance company. The company was founded in 2001 in Chennai, India. company deals in various insurance products like health, marine, motor, travel, etc.

What is a renewal of policy in Cholamandalam MS?

Renewal means making a new policy after the expiration of the old one. You can renew your policy after the expiration or 45 days before the expiration to continue with the coverage. In bike insurance, there is no need for inspection even if the policy expires.

What benefits of renewing your policy with the same company?

-Continued use of the same insurance firm builds a trusting relationship between the insured and the insurer.

-Keeping in touch with the insurance provider allows the insured to have a better understanding of the firm's terms and conditions.

-Up to a 50% no-claim incentive on policy renewal.

-Affordable premiums

What happens if the policy gets expired?

-If your third-party motor insurance coverage expires, you will no longer be insured for legal responsibility.

-If your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy expires, you will be unable to acquire coverage for legal liability or your financial damages. If you do not renew your insurance within 90 days of its expiration date, you will be ineligible for NCB.

- If your stand-alone damage insurance has expired, you will not opt for damages to yourself. You are also ineligible for the NCB discount. You should also perform a thorough inspection of your car. If you are involved in an unfortunate accident after your coverage has expired, you will be liable for all charges. There will be no advantages from the insurance company.

-Driving without insurance is illegal in India.

What can you do if your policy expires?

-Contact Online insurance brokers to know the further process of renewal

-Avoid driving a Bike till you get a new policy because your policy expired and you don’t have any protection right now.

-To renew, you need to visit and decide which policy is suitable for you.

-Fill up the basic details, I.e. registration number, and policy number.

-Self Inspection in case of a break-in case. you can self inspect your vehicle through the quickinsure official app.


1)What is meant by the renewal of the policy?

To renew means making a new policy after the expiration of the old one.

2)How many days before the expiry, is the policyholder able to renew their policy?

45 days before the expiry, the policyholder can renew his policy.

3)Does a two-wheeler require inspection after the expiration of the policy?

No, a two-wheeler does not require inspection after the expiration of the policy.

4)Is online renewal of the policy possible?

Yes, you can renew your policy through

5)Up to how much percent I can get an NCB discount after renewal?

You can get up to 50 percent discount on renewal.

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