Cholamandalam MS Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy-

Cholamandalam Ms. General insurance company is a joint venture between Murugappa Group and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, a Japanese insurance company. The company was founded in 2001 in Chennai, India. company deals in various insurance products like health, marine, motor, travel, etc.

What is meant by CholamandalamMS  Comprehensive bike insurance?

A comprehensive bike insurance policy protects the insured against both third-party liability and personal injury. Accidents, theft, fire, and natural calamities are all covered by a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy.

Key benefits of buying a Cholamandalam MS comprehensive bike insurance policy?

Covers injuries to a third person, as well as damage to their vehicle and/or property, as a result of an accident caused by your motorcycle.

Accidental damage, man-made disasters such as fire, rioting, and strikes, as well as theft, are all covered.

Protects your bike from natural disasters including cyclones, floods, and earthquakes.

24*7 availability of customer service from Cholamandalam.

Coverages in Cholamandalam MScomprehensivebike insurance Policy-

-A comprehensive policy compensates you for damage to your vehicle caused by an accident, theft, natural disaster, or another occurrence.

-It pays for legal bills if you cause an accident and are found to be at fault.

-Theft-related damages are included.

-If the accident results in the death of the driver, comprehensive insurance includes a personal accident policy that pays up to Rs. 15 lakh in compensation.

-Offers different types of add-on covers.

How to purchase Third party bike insurance for Cholamandalam MS?

Step 1. Go to the online website of

Step 2. Click on bike insurance

Step 3. Enter your REGISTRATION no. According to your RC

Step 4. You will find a quotation for bike insurance from CholamandalamMSinsurance and other insurers.

Step 5. You can select the quotation of CholamandalamMSand to fill out the proposal form.

Exclusions in Cholamandalam MS comprehensive bike insurance policy.

-Bike insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by driving while intoxicated.

-Radioactive or nuclear-related activities are not covered by bike insurance.

-Any loss or harm resulting from conflicts, riots, or terrorism is not covered.

What is IDV?

Insured Declared Value is the full form of IDV. IDV is the present market value of your vehicle. The depreciation factor reduces the IDV of the bike every year.


= Manufacturers listed selling price-Depreciation

What is Endorsement?

Endorsement is useful when you wanted to delete, add, change and exclude coverage offered by the existing policy.

How endorsement works in Cholamandalam MS.

Cholamandalam MS issues endorsements when the policy is purchased, at the time of policy renewal, mid-term of the policy.


1.What does the IDV stand for?

The word 'IDV' refers to the highest amount your insurer will pay if your car is damaged or stolen.

2.What is the procedure for Cholamandalam MS comprehensive bike insurance?

When you are engaged in an unfortunate accident, comprehensive bike insurance helps to cover the cost of damages Theft, vandalism, and hail are all covered.

3..What are the add-on covers for the bike insurance of Cholamandalam MS general insurance?

Bumper to bumper cover.

Key Replacement Cover.

Roadside assistance cover.

NCB Protector.

Return to Invoice.

4 .Is it necessary to get comprehensive insurance?

Although purchasing a comprehensive policy is not required by law, many bike owners prefer it because of the coverages and benefits it provides.

5)What is not covered in bike insurance?

Bike insurance does not cover you for loss or damage resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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