Today with rapid digitalization one can also get their driving license converted into a smart PVC card which can be easily carried around. It is also known as a smart card driving license as it can hold all the data in a small chip embedded in it for better convenience instead of carrying around a big DL document. Here we are going to look at what a smart driving license is and what are its benefits.

What Is A Smart Card Driving License?

A smart card driving license (SCDL) is a small plastic laminated card that holds a smart chip of about 64kb containing all the required data that an old driving license booklet has of an individual. As a smart card is more durable, robust, and flexible to keep, it has now been widely implemented across the country through various RTO offices as a process to phase out the old system of driving license management instead of shifting towards a smart card driving license. One can easily convert their old DL booklet into a smart card by submitting an online application or by directly visiting the nearest RTO office.

Benefits Of New Smart Driving License

The following are the benefits of the new smart card driving license:

  1. Strong and durable
  2. Flexible
  3. Easy manageable
  4. More efficient and trackable

How Can One Apply For A Smart Card Driving License?

People can easily get their smart driving license by applying online to the RTO office or by directly visiting the nearest RTO. The application process can usually take up to 2-3 weeks for finalising and receiving it through the post. One should take the time and apply for a new smart card driving license to avoid any future complications.

Steps To Apply For A Smart Card Driving License Online

One can follow the following steps to apply for the smart card driving license:

  1. Go to the official website of Parivahan Sewa-
  2. Click on the online service from the ribbon tab and select driving license services.
  3. Select your current residential state and choose your nearest RTO.
  4. Go to the driving license menu and click on the “new driving license” option.
  5. Enter the learner license number if one has it, if not, they will have to get their learner license first.
  6. Fill out the application form, upload the necessary documents, book a DL slot for the test (if applicable), and pay the required charges.
  7. One needs to visit the RTO for testing for DL if it applies to them.
  8. The smart driving license will be delivered to the applicant's home address via post within 2-3 weeks of submitting the application and completing all the requirements.

Steps To Apply For A Smart Card Driving License Offline

Another way for one to get their smart card driving license is to apply to the nearest RTO directly offline:

  1. One needs to visit their nearest RTO office and request an application form for a new smart card driving license (SCDL). Also get all the undertaking forms of declaration such as physical fitness, and medical certificate.
  2. Fill out the form with all the required details and attach all the required documents with it when submitting.
  3. Pay the necessary charges for the SCDL application and collect a receipt.
  4. One will have to appear for the DL test if applicable to them.
  5. On passing the test one needs to complete their biometric verification at the biometric collection station.
  6. The new smart card driving license will be sent to the applicant's home within 2-3 weeks of application and completion of all the required processes.

The Process To Convert The Old DL To The New Smart Driving License

One needs to follow the below steps to convert their old DL to a new smart driving license:

  1. Visit the nearest RTO office.
  2. Ask for a license upgrade form.
  3. Fill in all the required details.
  4. Attach all the required documents and submit the application form.
  5. Submit the biometric data.
  6. Pay all the charges for the application.
  7. The new SCDL will be sent to the applicant's address within 2-3 weeks of applying and completing all the required processes.

Required Documents For Applying For A Smart Card Driving License

Following are the required documents one needs to keep in mind before applying for a new smart driving license:

Identity Verification

Identity verification mainly consists of name, age, nationality, and DOB that one needs to provide for further SCDL process. The following documents can be submitted for verifying identification:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card
  • Ration card
  • Passport (for international applicants)
  • Birth certificate
  • Any other official documents that have identity proof of the applicant.

Address Proof

Address verification can be done by submitting the following documents:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card
  • Passport (for international applicants)
  • Rent agreement.
  • Electricity bill
  • Any other government-verified document that has address proof.

Data Contained In The Smart Card Driving License

The following section of data is stored on or in a smart card driving license:

Visual Data

It has information such as name, nationality, address, vehicle details, and driving license number. It is mainly printed on the smart card driving license.

Digital or Chip Data

It is machine-readable data that is stored in the chip of the smart driving license. It can contain data such as issuing authority information, penalties, endorsements, and fines if any. It is managed by the central motor vehicle rules act and is stored in registered RTO servers.


Digitalization has made everything faster and more efficient by storing as well as managing data online. One such improvement is the new smart driving license which has made the management of driving licenses more efficient and faster. The new smart driving license can be easily carried and is more durable, flexible, and robust than the old DL booklet. One can easily apply for a smart driving license or upgrade their old DL at their convenience online or by directly visiting the nearest RTO offices.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the charges for applying for a new smart driving license?

An average of ₹200-300 is charged to the applicant for issuing or upgrading towards the new smart driving license.

Q2. Are the old DL booklets still valid in India?

Yes the old DL booklet is still valid if it has not expired.

Q3. Can one check the status of their application?

One can easily check the status of their application on the official website of Parivahan sewa-

Q4. What one can do when they lose their SCDL?

Immediately file an FIR at the nearest police station and submit a copy of the FIR with the application for issuing of a duplicate SCDL with required documents to the nearest RTO office.

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