A much more comfortable and convenient method of applying for a driving licence has been created by the Transport Department of the Government of India. Now, you can submit your driving licence application online and choose a convenient appearance date and time at the specified Road Transport Office (RTO).



How To Apply For A Driving License Online



To operate a car, one must possess a valid driver's licence in accordance with The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Additionally, having a driving licence indicates that the owner is a qualified driver who is allowed to operate a vehicle on Indian roads. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways' computerization of more than 1000 Road Transport Offices (RTOs) nationwide has established uniform standards for documentation on a pan-India level and made the compilation of data regarding vehicle registration and driving licences of all the states in State Register and National Register more practical and straightforward.

Driving License (DL) Types:

Depending on the type of vehicle you want to drive, there are many sorts of driving licences:

Learner's Permit

The bearer of this licence should either reapply for it or apply for a new driving licence before it expires because it is a temporary licence with a six-month validity period. Therefore, you must first apply online for a learner's permit before applying for a driver's licence.

Driving Permit for Private and Commercial Vehicles

One can apply for a driver's licence to operate either a private car or a commercial vehicle after completing driving training. A Private DL holder is not permitted to operate a company car.

It's not easy to get a commercial driver's licence. The minimum age requirement is 21, compared to 18 for a Private DL. The driver of a business vehicle must therefore have a fitness certificate.

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Apply for a Driving License Online-

Step 1: Select your State after logging into the SARATHI website.

Step 2: Under "Driving Licence," a range of alternatives can be found on the left side of this screen.

Step 3: Choose "Apply Online," then choose between "New Learners Licence" and "New Driving Licence."

It should be noted that everyone who wants to learn to drive must first apply for a new learner's licence.

Step 4: Next, click "Continue" after reading the directions for a new driver's licence. You will be taken to the next page by using this:

Step 5:To move forward, choose the appropriate choice from the screen above. You will be prompted for the appropriate number and your date of birth according on your choice, such as learner's licence, foreign driver's licence, or defence licence, and then asked to click "OK."

Step 6:The page will then take you to a form where you must enter your information, including your name, age, and address, as well as submit any necessary supporting documents, including a passport-size photo.

Please have scanned copies of your identification, including evidence of age and address, on hand when applying online.

Step 7: The page will link you to the online Slot booking for the Driving Licence (DL) test appointment after you upload all the required papers. Please choose the most convenient time and day for a test at the nearby RTO from the available slots.

Step 8: Lastly, you must pay for the application online after choosing a time period. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate RTO following a successful payment, along with an automatic Web Application Number that you must print out and bring with you on the day of your test at the RTO. In fact, you can use this number in the future to find out how your application is progressing.



Q1. What paperwork must I give when I apply for a driving licence in relation to my vehicle?

Ans: When you submit an application for a driving licence, you must include the following information regarding your vehicle:

Q2. What paperwork must I give when I apply for a driving licence in relation to my vehicle?


  • Certificate of Registration
  • proof of auto insurance
  • health certification (for transport vehicles)
  • proof of tax payments

Q3. Is a medical certification required while requesting a licence?

Ans: Having a medical certificate is required if you are above 50 years old.

Q4. How long is a learner's permit valid?

Ans: A learner's licence is good for six months after it is issued.

Q5. A learner's permit granted in Delhi is it valid all over India?

Ans: Yes, for as long as the licence is valid, a learner's permit issued in any state or union territory is valid nationwide.

Q6. In the event that I fail my driving test, will I receive a refund?

Ans: If you fail your driving test, you won't receive a refund.

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