Have you recently used the internet to apply for a learning or driving licence? Sadly, did you forget or lose your application number? If so, just exercise patience, because we're going to explain to you in this article how to obtain the application number for a driving or learning licence or for any other services you may have requested through the Parivahan website.

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What Is An Application Number in Parivahan.Gov.In?

How To Get Application Number Of Driving Licence?

How To Find Learning Licence Or Driving Licence Application Number Online In Sarathi


What Is An Application Number in Parivahan.Gov.In?


A unique generated number called an application number is required for you to log into the website and view all the services you have requested.

When determining the status of our application, we often use the application number. You must have received a special application number via text message if you requested the issuance of a new driving licence, new learning licence, renewed driving licence, duplicate driving licence, or any other services using Sarathi's web portal.

How To Get Application Number Of Driving Licence?


You must first access the website in order to learn your application number in Sarathi.

Let's start by discussing the simple approach.

Method 1: Using a cell phone

You can locate your application number on your phone if you've misplaced it or lost it altogether. Simply take your phone out of your pocket to check your text messages.

VAHAN always sends a reference message. This letter informs you that you have successfully filled out your application form and includes your application number.

Second Approach: Your Acknowledgement

You are aware that after successfully completing your application form on, you will receive an application acknowledgment.

You must first save, and then you must acknowledge this later for the next step. You may quickly locate your application number on this application acknowledgment.

How To Find Learning Licence Or Driving Licence Application Number Online In Sarathi


Simply follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the Parivahan website.
  • Services Related to Driving Licenses
  • You will be directed to
  • Search SARATHI Application Numbers in Your State and City
  • Choose your RTO and the RTO/City Code, then enter your accurate information.
  • Obtain Application Information
  • Type your One-Time Password in (OTP)
  • View the Status of Your Application

1.Visit the Parivahan website.

Enter Parivahan or into your Firefox or Chrome browser. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is in charge of this website, which is monitored by the Indian government.

2.Driving Licence Related Services

You can see there are two options:

  • Vehicle Related Services
  • DL Related Services

Right now, you have job relevant to your licence here, yes? Select the second option that flashes on the screen by clicking.

3.Sarathi.Gov. In

You will now be taken directly to the Sarathis' website. This is the website I was referring to earlier. This website will assist you in locating the learning or driver's licence application number.

4.Its State

You must now choose your state. The Sarathi must know which state you are a citizen of.

5.Your Town

The decision of your city is entirely optional. but choose it if the website prompts you to. This is only for determining the RTO for your city (Regional Transport Office). For example, we say MH12 here in PUNE. You must choose that if necessary.


You can view Sarathi's website's home page right here. Finding your learning licence or driving licence application number online may seem difficult at first, but it's not that difficult.

Now see that a menu will be horizontal. You can select "OTHERS" from the option list on the right. Clicking on it will cause it to drop down.Simply select the Find Application Number option at this point.

7.Search by Application Number

You will see this page on the screen after clicking the find application number button. You will be prompted to choose your state and state code.

A state code: what is it?

The number plates of all automobiles in India often have a state code. It displays the state where that specific car is registered.


  • Maharashtra's state designation is MH.
  • Gujarat's state designation is GJ.
  • Uttar Pradesh's state designation is UP.

You don't have to choose your state code exactly, by the way. The website will choose your state code automatically once you've chosen your state.

8.Choose Your RTO As Well As The RTO/City Code

You must now choose your RTO. The RTO code or the city will be chosen automatically. You may find the illustration below helpful.

As an illustration, we would choose PUNE. Pune's RTO/City code is hence MH12.

9.Enter Your True Information

Now, additional boxes will show up on the screen. Here, you must enter...

  • The Name
  • A middle name
  • you last name
  • Your Birthdate and the Captcha Code

Simply enter the appropriate information and press the SUBMIT button.

10.Get Application Details

You will now need to scroll down a little so that you can view a list of every application you have submitted. All of your applications linked to your name and birthdate will be visible to you.

Additionally, you can see your phone number and transaction information on this list. View the illustration below for details. Therefore, select the application you want to examine and then click the GET DETAILS option.

11.Type your One-Time Password in (OTP)

Your screen will now show a form of pop-up window. You'll be prompted to enter the OTP. You must have received an OTP in order to check your cell phone for that.

Enter the one-time password cautiously, then press the SUBMIT button.

12.View the Status of Your Application

You may view the status of your application as soon as you click on it. Everything pertaining to your driving licence application is available here.

In just a few steps, you have literally discovered the driving licence application number. You will also find additional details including-

  • Date of Your Application
  • Name of your RTO
  • Your Birth Date
  • Name of your mother
  • Your License Plate Number and the Transaction
  • Your Vehicle Class, etc.



Q1. What format should I use when entering my licence number?

The format of the driver's licence number can be either DL-1420110012345 or DL14 20110012345.

Q2. How can I look up my driver's licence number using the application number?

To find a driver's licence number using an application number

  • Select the Driving License Related Service option from the Online Service menu by clicking on it.
  • Click the name of your state from this list of states, then continue.


Q3. How do I find my driving licence application number?

When you submit a driving licence application, you will receive an application number. It is also possible to refer to this as a "Reference Number" or "Token Number." In addition, you will be required to submit some basic information including your full name, birthdate, and the state where your driver's licence was issued.

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