Bike enthusiasts consider mileage as an important factor for a cost-efficient bike. More the fuel capacity, highest the mileage of a bike. However, the mileage also depends on various other factors such as the model of the bike, age of the bike, its usage, and the type of the ride.



Top 10 Highest Mileage Bikes In India



Having a top mileage bike can refrain the rider from any kind of interruption in between the journey for a longer duration of hours. And the person can enjoy the bike ride to the fullest with utmost pleasure and immense satisfaction.

List of Top 10 Highest Mileage Bikes in India

Riders generally consider mileage as the distance travelled by the bike in one litre of fuel. Good mileage is a perk for business people and employees as they are frequent travellers. Let’s look at some of the most cost-effective and top mileage bikes in India with their distinctive features that one can purchase to experience a wonderful ride.


Name Of The Bike

Mileage Given


Engine Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity

No. Of Gears


Bajaj Platina 100

73.5 kilometres/litre

Rs. 67,808 onwards

102 cc

11 litres



TVS Sport

70 kilometres/litre

Rs. 64,050 onwards


10 litres



Bajaj Platina 110

70 kilometres/litre

Rs. 70,400 onwards

115.45 cc

11 litres



Bajaj CT 110X

70 kilometres/litre

Rs. 69,216 onwards


11 litres



TVS Star City Plus

68 kilometres/litre

Rs. 76,970 onwards


10 litres



Honda SP 125

65 kilometres/litre

Rs. 85,597 onwards


11.2 litres



Hero HF Deluxe

65 kilometres/litre

Rs. 60,760 onwards


9.6 litres



Honda CD 110 Dream

65 kilometres/litre

Rs. 71,133 onwards

109.51 cc

9.1 litres



Hero Splendor Plus

60 kilometres/litre

Rs. 73,481 onwards

97.2 cc

9.8 litres



TVS Raider

57 kilometres/litre

Rs. 94,619 onwards


10 litres


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Tips To Increase the Mileage of the Bike

Due to constant increases in road traffic and fuel prices, it has become quite difficult to maintain a top mileage of the bike. Many bike owners are addicted to spending too much daily even though they are having branded bikes. There are several techniques that one can apply in their daily lives to increase the mileage of their respective bikes. Some of these techniques are listed below:

Regular Servicing of the Purchased Bike

Servicing the bikes at regular intervals not only improves engine health but even increases the mileage of the desired bike. The bike’s components become more flexible than before and operate without any interruptions.

Checking Tyre Pressure

The lowering of tyre pressure may reduce the speed of the bike. Therefore it’s advisable to always keep on checking the pressure of the tyre in order to have a fast and smooth ride.

Injecting Good Quality of Fuel

Injecting good quality of fuel can rev up the engine and even the longest distance can be covered in a short duration. So, if someone is willing to enjoy a long ride on a bike in a lesser time, the person must have a better option to fill up their bike fuel tank with good quality fuel.

Avoiding Rash Driving

Rash driving is the main cause of many road accidents. It’s not only harmful to a person but can even cause serious damage to the engine. One can overlook the potholes in case of rash driving by which a bike can get stuck and cause severe damage to the engine which may result in engine failure as well. So, one must take careful consideration while riding a bike on the road.

Avoiding Parking in the Sunlight

Continuous long exposure of the bike to extreme sunlight might cause evaporation of fuel which in turn can reduce the mileage of the bike. Therefore, it’s advisable to always park the bike under shade to keep all the components of the bike intact.

Mileage is regarded as the fundamental estimation of the bike’s engine condition. A good mileage bike lets one identify the ability of the bike in terms of the total distance travelled per litre of fuel. Bikes with top mileage in India are generally preferred as it’s supposed to cover longer distances with less expenditure of fuel.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does the great mileage of any bike affect the rider?

A top mileage of the bike helps the rider to carry out the journey without any kind of interruptions in between the journey in a smooth flow.

Q2. Can regular servicing increase the mileage of the bike?

Yes, definitely. Regular servicing of the bike makes its parts and components more flexible to run with better efficiency than before.

Q3. What happens to the bike on continuous exposure to the sunlight?

The continuous exposure of bikes to sunlight leads to evaporation of the fuel which can further lead to a reduction in the mileage of the bike.

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