When it comes to driving two-wheelers, they are known to offer convenience in terms of speed and space as well as are ideal in making it under traffic laden or narrow Indian roads. Hence motorbike is a highly enthused option for personal driving in India. There are several manufacturers of two-wheelers however, the one that is popular and serving its customers greatly since years, is Honda. It is the world’s leading two-wheeler manufacturing company. 

Honda offers exceptional quality bikes with incredible driving experience, and at affordable prices. From styling to performance to fuel efficiency and affordability, Honda is an all-time favourite among bike-lovers. Also, if mileage is a priority facet, then Honda is the ideal choice for two wheeler driving. Let’s take a look at the five best mileage bikes in Honda so you know how to choose and take an informed decision while buying your two-wheeler in India.

Five Best Mileage Bikes in Honda in India

1. Honda Hornet 2.0                         

Mileage - 57.35 kmpl

Launched - September 2020

Pros - Great performance and impressive mileage.

Highlights - Powered by a 184-cc engine, produces a peak of 17.27 PS at 8,500 RPM while the engine is paired up with a 5-speed transmission box

Added Benefits - Received revamp in the suspension department, with the front set featuring upside-down forks.

Price - Between Rs.1.3 - Rs.1.32 lakhs, ex-showroom.

Style - Honda Hornet 2.0 comes in four exciting colours of Pearl Igneous Black, Matte Marvel Blue Metallic,Matte Axis Grey Metallic, and Matte Sangria Red-Metallic.

2. Honda Dream Yuga

Mileage - 72 kmpl

Launched - May 2012

Pros - Offers an impressive fuel economy of 72 kmpl. Another highlight of the Honda Dream Yuga is the HET technology, which additionally improves mileage output.

Highlights - A 110cc, single-cylinder engine paired up with a 4-speed gearbox.

Price - Between Rs.54,000 - Rs.56,000, ex-showroom.

Style - Honda Dream Yuga comes in six exciting colours of Black with sunset brown, All black, Vibrant blue, Sports black, Majestic grey, and Sports red.

3. Honda SP 125

Mileage - 65 kmpl

Launched - November 2019

Pros - More premium equipment and looks.

Highlights - Honda SP 125 is its first BS6-compliant motorcycle with mileage higher than 55 kmpl. Honda SP 125’s average per litre is 65 kmpl and has a 125cc engine.

Added Benefits - 125cc engine comes with two variants to choose from, Disk brake and drum brake. It has a 5-speed manual gearbox and this bike can reach up to a top speed of 100 kmph. Furthermore, its engine comes with an ACG starter to ensure it cranks silently.

Price - Between Rs.78,000 - Rs.85,000, ex-showroom.

Style - Comes in five exciting colours of Imperial Red Metallic, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, Pearl Siren Blue, Striking Green and Athletic Blue Metallic.

4. Honda Dream Neo

Mileage - 74 kmpl

Launched - July 2013

Pros - Great visual appeal, reliability, good service, comfort and budget-friendly.

Highlights - Fuelled by a 110cc engine, this bike returns a very high mileage.

Added Benefits - Value for money with high mileage and cheaper price.

Price - Between Rs.42,000 - Rs.55,000, ex-showroom.

Style - Comes in four exciting colours of Black with Red Stripes,Black with Blue Stripes, Imperial Red Metallic, and Geny Grey Metallic.

5. Honda CD 110

Mileage - 74 kmpl

Launched - June 2020

Pros - Cost-effective and best mileage.

Highlights - 110cc engine delivering a fuel economy within budget with combi brake system brake type, analogue odometer, analogue speedometer and fuel gauge.

Added Benefits - Features a chain drive transmission with manual gearbox. Additionally, the first-segment silent starter and an engine kill switch ensure quick, silent, jolt-free start each time.

Price - Between Rs.65,000 - Rs.75,000, ex-showroom.

Style - Comes in four exciting colours of Black with Red, Black with Blue, Black with Grey and Black with Cabin Gold.

Honda bikes have salient features of most mileage giving and being budget-friendly making them an ideal option for two-wheeler purchases for driving in India. Honda bikes are recognized for their reliability and durability. To buy a bike, you can easily choose a bike loan that meets your needs. Additionally, you can also avail zero down payment bike loans to save up on costs upfront. So, if you want to own a bike opt for a Honda.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a look at some frequent queries on best mileage bikes in Honda;

Q1. Which bike brand is considered to give the best mileage in motorbikes across India?

Brand Honda is the best mileage bike driven in India.

Q2. How does the mileage of motorcycles get affected?

The mileage of motorbikes can get affected by constant gear shifting that exerts a heavy load on the clutch. Thereby resulting in weakened bike mileage. Therefore, bike riders need to avoid quick gear shifts or riding at low gears or even shifting at a high rate to avoid affecting the engine and clutch pad and eventually the bike mileage.

Q3. How can Honda bikes be purchased?

In order to purchase a Honda bike, you can either book online at their website or go to the nearest Honda dealer and make the purchase.

Q4. Do Honda bikes come with a charging port?

Not all Honda bikes have charging ports.

Q5. Are Honda bikes good for long rides and at high speed, does it shake while driving?

Honda bikes are among the best motorcycles for long rides across India. And there is no shake at high speeds making Honda motorcycles an ideal choice to drive on Indian roads.

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