Roadside assistance in car insurance is an add-on that you can opt to include in your car’s comprehensive insurance policy. This add-on cover would be of great help whenever you need on road car assistance. Whether it is a flat tyre or you meet with a small mishap, the 24x7 roadside assistance add-on cover would be of help in times of trouble. Further, the good news is that it would not be accounted for as a claim.


Cost of Roadside Assistance Cover

If you choose to include the car breakdown assistance cover in your car’s comprehensive insurance policy, a standard amount will be added to the premium.


How Roadside Assistance Cover Works

Once you have included this add-on car insurance, using it in times of need is very simple and easy. All that you have to do is give your insurance company a call when you need help. The insurer will provide you with the roadside assistance number when you buy this add-on cover. However, you should keep the policy details ready when help arrives.

Typically, roadside assistance for car will be available 24x7 and it includes the labour and conveyance costs. However, you must check with your insurer as regards the distance up to the company extends roadside assistance.


Car Insurance with Roadside Assistance Cover – What Is Included

It is important to understand the details as regards what is covered by the roadside assistance add-on that you have added to your car insurance. This way you will be able to appreciate the benefits the add-on offers.

Dead Battery – Roadside assistance can be availed if your car’s battery has issues and you are stuck someplace. The cover takes care of the labour and conveyance charges involved in providing help to you.

Flat Tyre – You can have a flat tyre at any time you may be stranded anywhere. The car roadside assistance service provided by your insurer will be of great help to you. Roadside assistance involves arranging technicians to replace the flat tyre with the spare tyre.

Minor Repairs – Minor issues can crop up at any time. One fine morning, your car may not just start. Roadside assistance will be of great help during such situations as it organizes help for minor repairs.

Towing facility, sending urgent messages to relatives, medical help coordination, and fuel assistance (up to 5 litres) are also included in roadside assistance cover.

Roadside assistance cover is highly recommended if the car you own is less than five years old. This helps you to maintain your car well.

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Q1: Is the roadside assistance cover helpful in unlocking my car?

Ans: Yes, it is. If you happen to lose your car’s key or the car gets locked when you are out of your car, the insurer would help you by providing a spare key. In certain situations, the technicians would help you unlock your car. However, you should present valid ID proof.

Q2: Will my NCB be impacted if I avail of roadside assistance?

Ans: No, availing of roadside assistance does not impact your eligibility for No Claim Bonus. Roadside assistance is not considered a claim.

 Q3: Is the roadside assistance add-on cover worth it?

Ans: Yes, it is given the many benefits that cover offers. It is very much worth it because you never know when the service is needed. If you have included this cover in your car insurance policy, you will never get stranded anywhere.

 Q4: What factors should I consider when buying roadside assistance cover?

Ans: The factors to be considered when buying the best car insurance with roadside assistance cover include ease of contacting the service, whether the insurer offers 24x7 support or not, the scope of coverage, and service benefits.

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