Summer can be a fantastic season to travel and get some relaxation time that one needs to relax and enjoy life. Many people like to travel during the summer season to various places around the world as it offers the perfect opportunity to get away and chill out. But one also needs to be careful when travelling in summer as it can also bring various risks such as flight cancellation and delays, uncalled health emergencies, loss of luggage, etc. Here we are going to look at why one should add travel insurance to their summer trip and what are its benefits.

Reasons For Adding Travel Insurance to Summer Trips:

One can never predict what can happen in the future, especially in the summer. But one can always remain prepared by getting travel insurance for their summer trips whether it's domestically or internationally to overseas. Following are the reasons for adding travel insurance to one’s summer trips:

  1.  Flight delays and cancellations:

If one flight gets delayed or cancelled when they are taking their summer trip, they can get a full refund for any non-refundable charges by getting travel insurance.

  1.  Loss of luggage:

Loss of luggage is a very common risk when one is travelling during summer trips and causes much frustration and financial loss. But one can avoid that by getting travel insurance for themselves.

  1.  Health issues:

One can never know what can happen on a summer trip if they are not careful. Many times, people can catch a local disease or get sick during their summer trip which can cause them costly medical treatment which can be avoided by getting travel insurance whether they travel domestically or internationally. 

  1.  Losing a passport:

Many times, people can lose their passport and have a lot of problems boarding their flights. By getting travel insurance one can avoid any financial loss and get a duplicate passport.

  1.  Missed connecting flight:

If one is unable to catch their connecting flight due to a first flight delay or any other reason due to the faulty airline, they can get complete reimbursement for the missed connecting flight.

  1.  Fraudulent charges:

One can lose their important credit cards and can have the risk of them getting used to making purchases that they didn’t authorize. Travel insurance can help one recover losses before 12-14 hours of reporting them stolen or lost.

Benefits Of Travel Insurance:

Whether it's domestic travel insurance or international travel insurance overseas one can always remain safe by getting travel insurance before travelling for their summer trip. The following are the benefits of getting travel insurance:

  1.  Financial protection:

One can remain financially protected from any loss that may happen due to any unforeseen future circumstances such as flight delays and cancellation, loss of luggage, losing passport etc.

  1.  Accidental protection:

By getting travel insurance one can always protect themselves and their family members financially from any accidental injury or worse death.

  1.  Emergency health cover:

Travel insurance can help one avoid paying heavy treatment charges on their summer trip if they were to catch a local disease or sickness and require immediate medical assistance.

  1.  Peace of mind:

One can always have peace of mind when travelling during their summer trip by getting travel insurance to protect themselves from any physical and financial damage.

Inclusion In Travel Insurance:

The following are the things one must keep in mind when getting travel insurance:

  1. Addition of family members
  2. Period of insurance
  3. Coverage limit
  4. Validity for single or multiple trips.

Exclusion In Travel Insurance:

The following are the exclusion one must be careful of when getting travel insurance:

  1. War
  2. Terrorism
  3. Sport participation
  4. Risk hobby
  5. Mental issues


Travelling in the summer season can be fun and relaxing but one must also remain prepared for any unforeseen circumstances by getting travel insurance. Getting travel insurance can help one avoid any financial losses that may come from flight delays or cancellations, luggage loss, lost passports, etc. Now, one can easily get travel insurance in just a few steps from Quickinsure by visiting official website- https://quickinsure.co.in/ and compare various available plans and get the one that meets all their requirements.


  1.  Why is travel insurance important?
  • Travel insurance can help one mitigate any losses from any unforeseen future risk when one is travelling.
  1.  What are the main benefits of travel insurance?
  • The main benefits of travel insurance include financial protection, health coverage, and lost passport protection.
  1.  Where can one get travel insurance for themselves?
  • One can easily get travel insurance by visiting Quickinsure official website-  https://quickinsure.co.in/ and compare various plans and get the one that meets their requirements.
  1.  What is the average cost of travel insurance?
  • The average cost of travel insurance is 4-5% of the total trip cost.


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