Travel insurance protects you from any unexpected financial losses while travelling abroad or domestic destination. A number of travel insurance plans come with packaged features that comprise various types of coverage like the trip interruption, trip delay, trip cancellation, medical coverage, medical evacuation etc. and many more. It’s important to compare various travel insurance quotes to acquire a travel plan at the best price that is affordable. A number of travel insurance companies are to buy travel insurance online form. Comparison of travel policy quotes is mandatory to avail the best travel insurance online at the lowest price.. 

Benefits of Travel Insurance Policies

If you buy travel insurance online, you can certainly enjoy a number of benefits for sure. But before you buy travel insurance, it is advisable to compare various travel insurance plans online from different top travel insurance companies to get the best travel policy online. Find out some of the best benefits of travel insurance policies online.

  • Covers Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Costs: In case you need to go to the hospital suddenly because of an injury or illness in the course of your trip, your travel insurance will provide coverage for hospital stays, emergency dental treatment and surgery
  • Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance: Travel insurance policies provide 24 hour cover for medical evacuations, funeral arrangements, ambulances and more.
  • Family Emergency: You will be covered for your unforeseen travel expenses in such cases where a close relative or the person you’re on the trip with dies unpredictably, or is injured or disabled and needs to be hospitalized.
  • Cover for Your Travelling Companion: If due to illness or injury your travelling companion can no longer continue with their holiday, any unforeseen travel expenses or accommodation would be reimbursed by the travel insurance company.
  • Covers Accommodation and Travel Expenses: If you witness such circumstances where you incur an injury or get sick and cannot reach home, your travel insurance will cover the unforeseen additional travel costs and accommodation charges.
  • Resumption of Journey: If a situation develops where you need to go back home due to a death in the family, or severe sickness that requires an emergency hospitalization or hospital stay and they are a close family member, your flights will be covered by the travel insurance policy so you can return home without any complication.
  • Accidental Death: God forbid, but in case you die within the 12 months of your trip because of an injury sustained in the course of your trip, a death payment is offered by the travel insurance companies given that you bought travel policy prior to the commencement of your journey.
  • Hospital Cash Allowance: You will be given an amount per day if you’re hospitalized for more than 2 days during your holidays overseas.

What is covered in travel insurance?

Following events are covered in travel insurance policy. 

  • Coverage of medical and hospitalisation expenses, accidental death, permanent disablement.
  • Checked-in baggage loss/baggage delay
  • Loss of passport.
  • Hijacking related damages. 
  • Trip delay/cancellation.
  • Automatic-extension of the cover.
  • Medical emergency assistance.
  • Repatriation expenses, etc.

What is not covered in Travel Insurance?

Following are the exclusions in travel insurance policy. 

  • Pre-existing ailments and complications arising out of them
  • Self-inflicted injury/suicide
  • Travelling against the advice of the physician
  • Under the influence of liquor, drugs, other intoxicants or hallucinogens 
  • Participation in any sport as a professional player
  • Participation in actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, civil commotion
  • AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infections
  • While serving in any branch of the military or armed forces of any country, treatment of nervous and mental problems
  • Terrorism, etc.

How to buy travel insurance policy online?

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