Travel insurance for senior citizens and its importance

As a retirement wish or just to travel once all major responsibilities of life are over, senior citizens find travelling the best time to catch up on their dreams. However, considering their older age, they are more prone to medical emergencies and thus it becomes essential for them to choose a suitable travel insurance plan for their abroad or domestic visits.

In case an older individual falls sick on travel or is in an unfortunate accident, the medical care required will have to immediate and will cost more even due to pre-existing condition, taking into consideration the age factor.

Hence the importance for a senior citizen to have travel insurance is more critical. It typically helps cover for medical expenses in sickness, accident cover, loss of luggage, theft, loss of significant documents, or even death.

For senior citizens, travelling without insurance can become very expensive and troublesome, especially in a foreign country as costs like hospitalization, seeking medical care, or even visiting a doctor can be very high in a foreign country. Then with travel insurance for senior citizens, there is an assurance of receiving treatment even cashless without any difficulty or stress.


Benefits of opting for senior citizen travel insurance plan

A travel insurance not only provides security in a foreign country travel but there are many other advantages to it especially for senior citizen travel insurance plan, which include;

  • Many insurance companies provide cashless benefits in case of hospitalization in foreign country or so. It aids senior citizens to avoid managing any money in foreign currency as well.
  • Such travel insurance plans also cover for loss of essential documents or baggage as well
  • Medical caretaker services for senior citizens also gets covered in travel insurance for senior citizens
  • Travel insurance plans for senior citizens gives the benefit of dental treatment costs and also expenses related to medical evacuation for home country. Also, in case of death, the repatriation costs of sending insured’s mortal body back to home country gets covered.
  • Some insurers provide cover for expenses of family members visiting the senior citizen falling ill for a certain period in a foreign country
  • Travel insurance for senior citizens also gives cover for theft or hijack instances while travelling


Things to check while getting travel insurance for senior citizens

While purchasing travel insurance for senior citizens, few things need to be kept in mind;

  • The sum insured is fixed taking into consideration your health condition and your budget
  • Your plan covers for pre-existing illness
  • Select the coverage that includes everything like trip cancellation or trip delay
  • While buying travel insurance online compare different plans and select the most suitable based on your health, need, age, duration of travel and destination to determine your premium payable



While purchasing travel insurance for senior citizens, make sure that you have read the terms and norms for the plan and gone through the policy conditions completely. Understanding how travel insurance is increasingly important for senior citizens avoid taking any risks. Enjoy a safe and carefree travelling experience with the right travel insurance plan!


FAQs – Frequently asked questions.

Let's take a look at some frequent queries on travel insurance for senior citizens;

Q1. Does travel insurance plan ask for medical tests before travel?

No, generally most insurance plans do not ask for medical tests before travel. However, post the pandemic, travelling to a foreign country may require testing for COVID-19.

Q2. Are travel insurance plans for senior citizens renewable?

Yes, travel insurance plans for senior citizens are renewable. It is always wise to purchase a plan with renewal as your trip may get extended and the plan shall be flexible in such case.

Q3. Is there any tax benefit on travel insurance for senior citizens?

Yes, the senior citizens get extra tax benefit on travel or health insurance plans and the premium payable gets exempted from the tax deduction.

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