Travelling today has become more and more affordable for many people and their family members making it easier for them to travel with their children. This has also made the task of getting everything properly done for children to travel a hassle and a challenge as well, especially when travelling to a foreign country for vacation or visit. You can never know what hold-up or hitch can arrive, but you can remain prepared by getting travel insurance for children. Let us look at what is travel insurance for children and how you can choose the right one for your children.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a financial protection coverage offered by an insurance provider against any damages or losses that you receive due to unforeseen circumstances or unfortunate situations while travelling. These include loss of luggage, any sudden medical emergencies, accidental deaths, passport loss, flight delays or cancellation, along with additional protection for your child in case anything happens to you. Therefore, it is always advised to get travel insurance for yourself and your family to avoid any risks and losses whenever travelling.

Today as travel has become more affordable for many people many children under 18 are also able to travel alone or with their family making it very crucial for them to have protection as they are not as well prepared as an adult would be when travelling. Having travel insurance for minors can help mitigate these risks and help with any emergencies.

How Can You Choose The Right Travel Insurance For Children?

Children are often the most vulnerable when it comes to travelling as they require proper guidance. It is also important for them to have complete coverage against any medical emergencies and travel expenses that may arise. The following are the various points that you should keep in mind before getting a child's travel insurance:

  1.  Check your child’s requirements:

It is vital to check and determine your child’s needs beforehand to ensure getting proper insurance coverage whether it be domestic or international. Make sure to check your child’s age, any existing medical conditions, special requirements, etc. It is always better to get travel insurance that covers the medical expenses of a child if there are any prior medical conditions.

  1.  Research and compare insurance providers:

After determining all the requirements of your child, you should research and compare insurance providers that align with your needs as it can vary with every insurance provider. It is always recommended to set your budget according to your requirements as well as shortlist insurance providers that are in them. Also, you should not forget to check extra benefits such as claim period, ambulance charges, and their coverage areas.

  1.  Check for exclusions:

Never forget to check exclusion details to avoid any future claim rejection. These can include things like self-inflicted harm, careless behaviour, negligence, etc. It is better to advise your child to avoid these things and risk paying out-of-pocket for any medical or travel expenses that would have otherwise been covered by the child’s travel insurance.

  1.  Get comprehensive travel insurance:

It is always better to have comprehensive travel insurance for children as it can help them protect themselves from any risks and mitigate any financial losses. Parents should always make sure to get an insurance policy that can cover all the requirements of their children's needs at an affordable rate. Also, check for any additional add-on medical covers in case your child requires them.

  1.  Apply for travel insurance:

Once you have finalised all your requirements and travel insurance for minors’ policy, you need to buy it whether it be online or by directly calling insurance provider customer care. Getting travel insurance online can help you avoid any paperwork or additional follow-ups, and you can receive your insurance policy instantly after paying the required insurance premium charges.

Benefits Of Getting Child’s Travel Insurance:

The following are the coverage benefits that your child can enjoy if you get a child’s travel insurance:

  • Medical coverage or any emergency
  • Cash benefits for hospital expenses.
  • Medical transportation.
  • Financial compensation for any accidental and permanent disability while travelling.
  • Remains repatriation in case of death.
  • Baggage loss.
  • Passport or travel document loss.
  • Cancellation of flight.
  • Loss of wallet or travel money.


Travelling whether it be domestic or international has become easier and more affordable than ever for many people and their families. Now parents can also travel with their children on their journey. But they should also make sure to get travel insurance that can protect them and especially their children in case of any unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. Get travel insurance for children in just a few steps from the Quickinsure and protect them from any future risks and financial losses.


  1.  Is a medical check-up necessary for getting travel insurance?
  • It can depend upon your insurance provider policy or on the insurance coverage as higher coverage requires medical check-ups. It is always advised to get a medical check-up of your child before getting a child’s travel insurance.
  1.  Can travel insurance be applied to multiple destinations?
  • Yes, by getting multi-trip travel insurance for up to 30 days and remain protected even if you travel to multiple destinations.
  1.  Can I get a refund on travel insurance if my trip gets cancelled?
  • You will need to explain your case properly to the insurance provider and keep any documents for proof. The insurance provider may refund your travel insurance premium after cutting deductibles.
  1.  Is it possible to get an extension on existing travel insurance?
  • Always make sure to read all the documents carefully before getting travel insurance and check for any extension clause. Many insurance providers offer their customers extensions on their travel insurance in case of international travel.
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