Have you misplaced your two wheeler insurance policy recently? Don’t you have any extra copies in your hand for the same? If yes, downloading the duplicate bike insurance copy online is the only option you can choose now. Insurance papers for the 2-wheeler vehicle are essential legal documents containing all the terms and conditions of your contract with the insurance companies.



Steps To Find The Lost Bike Insurance Policy Online Or Offline



The following documents rescue the owner in any event of a disaster. As a two-wheeler vehicle owner, you must have a soft copy of the insurance policy. The chances are high that the hard copies may be destroyed by water, fire, wind, and any natural disaster. However, now you can download the bike insurance copy online and carry them with you. Continue diving into this article to learn how to acquire lost bike insurance online.

How to Get Duplicate Bike Insurance Copies Online?

Have you lost the insurance policy and now struggling with “what to do next?” Don’t panic and follow the below instructions. You must suspend the bike if you can’t remember where you kept your insurance policy for the last time. Avoid using the bike until you find the papers or obtain a duplicate copy. You may raise the false alert for the policy documents. Start searching for them in your home, business place, and every corner you can! If you have lost all hope, talk with the online insurance providers, and apply for a duplicate copy.

How to Download a Duplicate Bike Insurance Copy Online?

If you acquired the bike insurance plan online earlier, getting the 2 wheeler insurance would be more accessible & straightforward. Let’s check the following actions you must perform.

  • Visit the website of the insurance provider
  • Select the type of insurance you want
  • Type all the bike insurance information in the required box, for example, the policy number.
  • Once verified, you can print, view and download the 2-wheeler insurance plan.

When a person buys the policy online, then he/she gets a copy of the same on his/her registered mail ID. Let’s check some additional steps that must be followed in the offline procedure.

How to Get a Duplicate Bike Insurance Copy Offline?

The insurance policies contain the necessary two-wheeler coverage details. Through this document, the bike owner can claim for the damage or loss to the vehicle caused by natural accidents. You can’t claim from the insurance providers until you have this document. So how can you get a duplicate bike insurance copy?

If you cannot find the papers, the right decision is to apply for duplicate copies. You should follow the steps carefully to obtain the copy immediately.

1. Visit to Place FIR

Start the process by filing an FIR at the local police station. During the procedure, you must submit your insurance type, two-wheeler insurance policy number, etc. Once you finish, you should ask for a copy of the FIR from the station.

Take a copy and send this to the insurance provider as proof that you have lost or misplaced the policy and report for the same. At the same time, send the document to the insurance provider, including the FIR application.

2. Write an Application and Send

To get a bike insurance plan copy, write an official application to the insurance company with the intention that you need duplicate coverage. Submit the essential details of insurance policies in the application form.

Attach the issued date of the policy, policy numbers, and coverage it offers. If your 2-wheeler policy is held jointly, you must sign the application form by the other policyholder. You should provide the FIR copy also!

3. Advertisement Posting

On losing the documents of your bike insurance, you must advertise this in a well-known local newspaper. Declare that you missed your bike insurance documents, and if anyone finds them, inform me.

When you post the advertisement, attach the following details: insurance policy number, policyholder name, insurance company name, 2- wheeler registration number. You will need to endure the expenses required for advertisement during the process. You can also attach an advertisement copy to the provider's insurance.

4. Execute the Indemnity Bond

You will need to sign the indemnification bond. It’s to be done using non-judicial stamp paper. After that, you will be returning this to the insurance provider. In the following bond, the vehicle owner should ask for the official and legal request to provide access to a copy of the insurance policy, i.e., a duplicate. As an owner, you have to give a statement that you will be repaying if the claim is filed by anyone except nominees.

If you have the combined insurance, this bond should contain your policy number, name, and another policyholder's name. The notary public must confirm the bond. At least 2 witnesses should approve the bond, except for the policyholders.

The applicant must pay the charge and the stamp fee to receive the indemnification bond. The insurance provider also demands to give documentation of the financial situation during the bond signing to prove the capacity to compensate if required. The insurance carriers will track & validate the things once you file an application. Once validated, if your application is confirmed to be legitimate, the insurance provider with a duplicate copy.


In conclusion, this article will help those who recently lost or misplaced their bike insurance policy paperwork. You can talk with the insurance provider and follow the above procedure to receive the insurance policy copy as soon as possible.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Can I drive without an insurance policy?

Based on the rules and regulations, the rider must carry the insurance papers while driving. They may have to pay a high penalty or face punishment if they cannot.

Q.2. Can I carry the soft copies of the insurance policy?

Most insurance providers nowadays provide a soft copy of insurance policies. Because of digitalization, they made certain changes in their working procedures. So, the person who carries a soft copy of the insurance policy won’t be penalized.

Q.3. Where can I get my insurance policy number?

To get the insurance policy number, follow the below procedure:

  • Go to the official website of the state transport department and enter the bike registration number
  • Once you submit the registration number, you will receive the complete policy details.
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