The summer holiday can be the perfect occasion to visit the world's best destinations and enjoy a chilling and relaxing getaway. But it can also come with various risks that one needs to be careful of such as losing a passport, sudden health emergency, losing luggage, flight delays or cancellation. One needs to always make sure to protect themselves from such future risk by getting an international travel insurance policy before going on to their destination to visit in summer. Here we are going to look at what 7 international destinations one can visit this summer holiday and the benefits of getting international travel insurance.

What Are The Top 7 International Destinations To Visit This Summer Holiday?

Many people around the world prefer the summer holidays as a perfect time to travel internationally to various destinations as they enjoy relaxing and chilling with their family and friends. Following are the 7 top international destinations to visit in summer:

  1. Indonesia:

Many travellers can travel to Indonesia as it offers the perfect honeymoon destination that couples can go to in summer along with great views of beaches, volcanos, mountains, and nature. It also offers its visitors radiant ceremonies, dances, arts, and crafts of its culture. Indonesia also has one of the best spa treatment services in the world. The perfect time to travel to Indonesia is between May to July during the summer season.

  1. Thailand:

It has become one of the cheapest and best options of the top 7 international destinations that someone can visit during the summer holidays. Thailand offers its visitors the best exotics wildlife, regal temples, vibrant cities, and memorable festivals that they can visit and experience for themselves in the summer. June-July months are best to travel to Bangkok, Thailand during the summer holidays. 

  1. Greece:

Rich in culture with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear blue sea Greece is one of the most travelled international destinations in the world. Visitors can enjoy unforgettable and magical sunsets in the town of Santorini with its white and blue cityscapes, one can also visit the shipwreck cove beaches located on the southern islands of Greece and explore the splendid resorts. Late spring that is May to June is one the best times to visit Greece if one is planning for their summer holidays.

  1. Switzerland:

Enjoy the mesmerising Alps with the best chocolate one can get in the world by travelling to Switzerland this summer for a holiday. Travellers from around the world prefer Switzerland as they go to destinations to visit in summer as it offers them the best weather to enjoy with activities such as lake paddle boarding, visiting the Rhine River, castles, and a good ride in Bernina express. One should consider high summer months such as July and August to travel to Switzerland.

  1. Portugal:

By offering its visitors the perfect rejuvenating holiday experience Portugal has become one of the top destinations to visit in summer for many travellers around the world. It has the best scenic nature coupled with great weather, spectacular gardens, volcanic gardens, delicious food, and captivating beaches.  

  1. The Bahamas:

If one is looking for a Caribbean getaway this summer, they can travel to the Bahamas. It offers its visitors a great view of the oceanic sea and places to visit such as blue lagoons, pink sand beaches, coco cay islands, etc. The best time to visit the Bahamas is in June month of the summer season.

  1. Hawaii:

One of the most beautiful international destinations to visit in summer is Hawaii with its long beaches, scenic views, exotic wildlife, etc. It has also become a good destination for many people to plan their wedding ceremonies and various other events. March to September is known to be the best time one can travel to Hawaii for their summer holidays.

Benefits Of Getting International Travel Insurance:

One can never know what can happen in the future especially when they are travelling to international destinations, but they can always be prepared by getting international travel insurance and protecting themselves and their loved ones from any financial risks that may come with them. The following are the benefits of getting international travel insurance:

  1. Financial protection:

One can avoid any financial damages caused by flight delays, cancellations, or missed flights by getting international travel insurance.

  1. Health protection:

By getting international travel insurance one can avoid paying heavy charges if one were to require emergency medical treatment.

  1. Passport protection:

One can easily get a duplicate passport by getting international travel insurance if one were to lose it during their travels.

  1. Luggage protection:

Many times, people can lose their luggage when travelling. It can cause them a lot of frustration and financial losses. By getting international travel insurance they can avoid such risk and reduce their financial damages.

  1. Peace of mind:

One can easily travel to their destinations to visit in summer with peace of mind by getting travel insurance.


Many people around the world consider summer holidays as the best time to travel to international destinations. One can visit destinations such as Indonesia, Portugal, The Bahamas, Switzerland, etc for their relaxing summer holiday. But one needs also to be careful when travelling internationally by getting international travel insurance for themselves and their loved ones as it can not only help mitigate any future risk but also help avoid any financial risk that may come with them. Now, one can easily avail of travel insurance at their convenience from Quickinsure and compare various available plans and get the one that meets their requirements.


  1. Is travel insurance mandatory?

  • No, it is not mandatory that one needs to buy travel insurance, but one must always get it as it can help avoid any future risks.
  1. What are the main benefits of travel insurance?

  • The main benefits of travel insurance include passport protection, luggage protection, and health protection.
  1. Is travel insurance only valid per one destination?

  • One needs to plan their insurance as per their travel itinerary and extend it as needed for their destinations.
  1. Where can one get travel insurance?

  • One can easily get travel insurance in just a few easy steps by visiting Quickinsure official website-  and compare various available plans and get the one that meets their requirements.
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