Due to the ease, they provide, two-wheelers have become a popular choice among buyers of vehicles in the nation. It's important to familiarise yourself with the many processes that must be completed when buying a two-wheeler if you're considering doing so. Additionally, you must organise your documents required to buy a bikebefore making the transaction to make your purchase experience a great one.



List Of Documents Required For New Two Wheeler Purchase



What should you do before purchasing a two-wheeler In India?

Keep your eyes open before deciding whether to get a bike or a scooter to guarantee that your hard-earned money gets you the greatest bike possible. Here are some things to think about before you buy a two-wheeler:

  • Budget: Make sure the bike you choose fits your spending limit, lifestyle, and capacity for servicing or maintenance.
  • The Quote: A quote is what a dealership gives you when it gives you a price. Make sure to get the breakdown of the quote. Knowing the ex-showroom pricing, insurance costs, registration fees, etc., is important. This will enable you to evaluate dealerships and pick the best choice.
  • Prior to making a decision, compare the costs, advantages, and discounts provided by various dealerships. This will guarantee that you get the most value for your investment.
  • Test-ride the bike to see how it handles and how well it fits your riding style. You can determine how well the bike handles and behaves by taking it for a test ride. This will enable you to evaluate different bikes on the market and choose wisely.
  • Insurance: To safeguard your bike from any unanticipated financial obligations, make sure you insure it with a bike insurance policy. The Comprehensive Bike Insurance, which covers both Own Damage and Third-Party Liability, is recommended even if Third-Party Liability coverage is required.
  • Never Refrain from Bargaining: Don't let anything stop you from negotiating a lower price with the dealer. There is always room for an additional discount or perhaps accessories that the dealership would like to provide to entice you to purchase the vehicle from their lot.

List of Documents Required For Bike Purchase:

To register the bike under the owner's name and to transfer the bike's ownership title to the buyer, specific paperwork is needed. In order to verify the ownership of the two-wheeler, it is also required by law to register the vehicle with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Additionally, the dealership needs paperwork in order to maintain a database of the automobiles and their details for a variety of purposes.

Documents Required for New Two Wheeler Purchase From Dealer:

Here is a list of all important documents required for new two wheeler purchase from a authorised dealer or showroom-

  • Once you've decided on a bike that's right for you, you need to go to the bike dealer to make the purchase. The list of paperwork you must provide when buying the bike is as follows:
  • Identity Proof (ID Proof): ID proof documents, such as a driver's licence, PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc., will be requested to verify the identity of the person buying the bike.
  • Address Proof: You can provide proof of your residential address by submitting documents proving it, such as your passport, rental agreement, utility bills, etc.
  • Nationality Proof: The bike dealer can ask you to provide documentation proving your citizenship; examples include a passport or a voter identification card.

Documents Required To Buy A Bike On EMI/Loan or Finance:

When you've made up your mind to buy a bike, you can either pay for it in full up front or choose to finance it to cover the cost. You should, however, be qualified for a two-wheeler loan, which is determined by factors like your salary, age, etc. The following is a list of the documents required to buy a bike on EMI or loan:

A Salaried Worker

  • Identity Proof (ID Proof): You must provide ID proof documents, such as a driver's licence, PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID, etc., to demonstrate your identity.
  • Address Proof: You must provide one of the following documents to prove your residence address: a rental agreement, a passport, an Aadhaar card, a voter identification card, etc.
  • Income Verification: The bank will demand salary verification because the amount of the bike loan depends on your income. documents such Form 16, Payslips (Salary Slips), ITRs (Recent Income Tax Returns), etc. A Salary Certificate that clearly states the deductions and the name and designation of the authorised signatory may be required by some institutions.
  • Bank Statements: In order to show your income and, if any, deductions, you must produce a bank statement from the previous calendar year.
  • Passport-size photos: The bank will need a set of your passport-size photos in order to process your loan application.


  • Identity Proof (ID Proof): You should present your identity proof documents, such as your driver's licence, passport, voter ID, Aadhaar card, etc.
  • Address Proof:You must provide address documentation, such as your rental agreement, voter identification card, Aadhaar card, utility bills, gas connection bills, ration card, sale deed, etc., to prove that you are a resident.
  • Bank Statements: In order to verify your income and, if applicable, deductions, you must produce your bank statements from the previous three or six months.
  • Income Tax Returns: In order for the bank to execute your bike loan application, they will need to see your Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the last three years in order to determine your income and deductions.
  • Passport-size photos: You must provide the necessary quantity of passport-size photos to the relevant bank in order for them to process your loan application.

Documents Needed to Buy Motorcycle Insurance

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, you must insurance your two-wheeler after you've bought it. If not a comprehensive/bundled/package two-wheeler insurance coverage, vehicle owners should have third-party liability insurance. Vehicle buyers can get a motor insurance policy for their vehicles via an insurance company or through an agent. Additionally, policy purchasers have the option of purchasing two-wheeler insurance policies offline or online.

Those who want to buy insurance online can either go to the insurance provider's official website or a reputable third-party insurance website. Doing your homework before buying a two-wheeler insurance policy is advised.Depending on the insurer you choose to purchase the policy from, different documents may be needed to obtain the insurance cover in this scenario.

Required Documents for Vehicle Registration

Before a vehicle can be used in a public setting, it must first be registered with an RTO in the owner's neighbourhood of residence or place of business. The automobile dealership typically registers the vehicle for you when you buy a new two-wheeler. Nevertheless, car buyers have the option of registering their vehicles independently at the closest RTO. The following paperwork is needed to register your two-wheeler:

  • Form 20 (application form)
  • Form 21 (sales certificate)
  • Form 22 (roadworthiness certificate)
  • If the vehicle is imported, a certificate of customs clearance
  • Certificate of Pollution Under Control (PUC)
  • Retailer and manufacturer invoice
  • Associated charges and taxes
  • The insurance cover notes in copy
  • Buyer's PAN card for vehicles
  • Address and ID verification
  • A duplicate of Form 34, temporary registration certificate, with the financier's and owner's signatures, if appropriate.



Q1. Should I take the two-wheeler for a test drive before deciding?

You must comprehend how the two-wheeler rides and maneuvers, yes. Before making a final choice, you can evaluate alternative possibilities by going for a test drive.

Q2. What paperwork and documents are required to buy a bike on EMI?

You can use the list of documents specified above if you plan to finance your bike purchase through a bank.

Q3. Is a driving licence necessary to purchase a motorcycle in India?

No, a DL is not necessary to purchase a bike or two-wheeler in India; nevertheless, a DL is necessary to ride a bike on Indian roads due to regulatory requirements.

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