With the high rise and demand for environment-friendly solutions for daily life needs, increased adoption of electric scooters is of no surprise in this modern technological era. Electric scooters or e-bikes are two-wheeled motor vehicles that run on lithium-ion batteries. Globally, electric scooters are proving to be a better and more sustainable option as compared to traditional fuel-run scooters.



How To Get Insurance For A Non Registered Electric Scooter



The Indian auto sector is witnessing a boom in the number of e-bikes hitting the road. The latest models of electric scooters are known to have amazing features that make them even more attractive to buyers. However, having insurance is still a must irrespective of the kind of scooter whether traditional or e-bike you own

Although electric scooters in India don’t require registration, that becomes a problem for insurance companies. Technically, insurance companies need vehicle registration to process or offer insurance to ply on the roads. However, things become ambiguous when electric vehicles are not required to get themselves registered. In such dilemma there’s still some scope for getting insurance for a non-registered electric scooter by the following methods:

Insurance For a Non-Registered Electric Scooter

Third-Party Insurance Policy for Electric Scooters

Third-party insurance is a two-wheeler insurance policy covering only third-party liabilities. In case of an accident where you hurt someone or damage third-party property, this policy will cover the expenses – medical expenses in case of an injury caused to a third party as well as other damages caused to the victim's vehicle or property. This type of insurance policy does not cover damage to your own scooter.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy for E-Bikes or Electric Scooters

In simpler words, this is a more inclusive two-wheeler insurance policy. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy provides optimum cover for the insured vehicle against any man-made or natural disaster. Apart from third-party liabilities, this insurance policy covers your scooter's repair expenses in case of accidents, theft and malicious damage.

Own Damage Insurance Cover

This insurance policy provides coverage against the damages that are caused to your electric scooter due to road accidents, natural causes, man made causes, and loss due to theft.

Why Should You Get Two-Wheeler Insurance for an Electric Scooter?

Apart from complying with the law, there are several other reasons why you must buy two-wheeler insurance for electric scooters. Let’s take a dive into some of the reasons:

Powerfulness: Some electric scooters can prove to be powerful machines and can reach to very high speeds in a blink of an eye. Thus in case of any unfortunate incident, comprehensive insurance can ensure the condition of the electric scooter in case of any hefty damage caused to the vehicle.

Expensiveness: Despite all the government's efforts to promote the purchase and use of electric scooters in India, the demand has not witnessed any upheaval. One strong reason for this is the high price of battery-operated scooters in India. These electric scooters cost relatively higher than petrol-driven scooters or motorcycles. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to protect it from accidental damage. Since these scooters are expensive, repairing costs can go very high, and a comprehensive insurance policy can be a saviour for you.


As India's electric scooter market is still in a nascent stage, the motor insurance premium for such vehicles is affordable. 

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is it difficult to get insurance for electric scooters in India?

Ans: Electric scooters generally don’t require any registration because the government has not laid out any definitive rule or guideline for electric scooters' insurance (especially for the low-speed ones).

Q2. Is it expensive to buy an electric scooter?

Ans: Yes, it’s very expensive to buy electric scooters in India due to their high demand and environment-friendly features.

Q3. What documents are needed for insuring electric scooters?

Ans: Identity proof, address proof, and two passport-size photographs are needed.

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