Vacations and trips are almost in everybody’s mind and when it’s about mountainous regions like Ladakh, the thought of experience becomes much more thrilling. A trip to Ladakh might not be an easy task but it would surely develop a quality of persistence in a person. Despite facing difficulty in riding through this mountainous region, one still strives to visit each and every part without a loss of enthusiasm.



Ladakh Trip On Your Royal Enfield Why Bike Insurance Is Your Best Friend



In order to make the Ladakh journey more memorable in a Royal Enfield, it’s necessary for the bike rider to get their Royal Enfield Himalayan bike insured by hook or crook. By doing so, one gets rid of paying any extra expenses from their own pocket in case of any accidental contingencies on the road.

Benefits of Having Bike Insurance on a Ladakh Trip

Before embarking on any trip or vacation on a Royal Enfield bike, it is recommended to get a good Royal Enfield bike insurance policy. Having the bike covered with a proper insurance policy lets the person enjoy the trip journey to the fullest with immense happiness and curiosity. There are many other benefits of bike insurance that can help make any trip more reliable and comfortable. 

Some of these benefits are listed below:

  1. In case of any damage to the bike while on a trip, all the expenses will be incurred by the insurance provider provided genuine accidental information and proofs are presented to the respective insurer via email or any other mobile application.
  2. In case the tyre got punctured in between the trip journey, then road assistance can be provided immediately on the spot if the bike is covered under any insurance policy plan.
  3. If the bike rider hits any third-party vehicle or person while riding on a trip, then the bike rider will incur whatever injuries will be caused to the third-party person.
  4. The bike rider need not worry about the medical contingency occurring to the third-party person as the desired insurer will take care of everything. Even the damages caused to the third-party vehicle are subjected to be paid by the insurer.
  5. Having bike insurance before any trip makes one tension-free of miscellaneous expenditures and one can enjoy the journey to the fullest without any loss of enthusiasm.

Some Basic Reasons Preferring Royal Enfield For A Ladakh Trip

Whenever it’s a trip planned to a mountainous region like Ladakh, people often choose Royal Enfield for the journey because of its following qualities:

  • It has much higher torque to lift even heavy loads on the uneven terrain of the Ladakh-like region.
  • It has good capability for both on-road and off-road riding.
  • Its specially designed ergonomics make it easy and comfortable to ride.
  • Its heavy engine weight tends to develop good friction with the road surface with negligible possibility of skidding incidents while riding.

Situated at the height of about 3000 metres above sea level, riding to the rocky and tough terrain of Ladakh is indeed a tiresome journey. The sturdy ergonomics of the Royal Enfield make it a perfect choice for mountainous region trips. The large fatty tyres have a good grip over steep and narrow terrains making it again a more reliable and convenient choice. The bike’s good grip also reduces the chances of casualties. Thereby, proving to be the safest choice.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. To what kind of regions Royal Enfield is good for travel?

Royal Enfield bikes are good to travel to mountainous and hilly areas due to their sturdy ergonomics.

Q2. Is bike insurance necessary for Royal Enfield?

It’s mandatory for almost all bikes including Royal Enfield to have at least a “Third Party Insurance” to run legally on Indian roads.

Q3. Why is it necessary to have bike insurance before embarking on any kind of journey or trip?

Having bike insurance prior to any kind of trip or journey makes a person (rider) tension free of any sort of financial expenses incurred on the rider due to damage or loss caused to the bike.

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