KTM is an Austrian bike brand that is well known for its track-only and track-ready motorcycles. The history of KTM dates back to world war – 2 when it was merely a repair shop performing only diesel engine repair jobs.


Ktm Upcoming Bikes In India 2023 New Launches And Bike Insurance


The brand name KTM is derived from the names of its late founder members whose names were Earnest Kronreif and Hans Trunkenpolz. The former died in 1980 and the latter died in 1982. The third term “Mattighofen” referred to the name of the place of the shop where it was located in the country Austria.

The Bajaj company brought KTM bikes to the Indian market which eventually flourished at a much faster rate among the Indian public.

Top 10 List of Upcoming KTM Bikes in India 2023

With emerging technology and love for the bikes among the Indian public, especially youth, KTM is about to launch its numerous models in India in the coming months and years. Upcoming bikes of KTM are listed below:

KTM Bike Model

Expected Launch date

Expected Price

KTM 490 Adventure

March 2023

Rupees 4 Lakhs.

KTM 490 Duke

March 2023

Rupees 3.50 Lakhs.

KTM RC 490

March 2023

Rupees 3.85 Lakhs.

KTM 790 Adventure

June 2023

Rupees 11.50 Lakhs.

KTM RC 890

October 2023

Rupees 11 Lakhs.

KTM E-Duke

November 2023

Rupees 2.50 Lakhs.

KTM 125 Duke

November 2023

Rupees 1.80 Lakhs.

KTM 200 Duke

November 2023

Rupees 2.20 Lakhs.

KTM 390 Duke

November 2023

Rupees 3 Lakhs.

KTM 390 Adventure

January 2024

Rupees 3.90 Lakhs.

KTM 890 Adventure

March 2024

Rupees 11.50 Lakhs- 12.50 Lakhs.

KTM RC 390

December 2025

Rupees 3.65 Lakhs.

KTM RC 125

December 2025

Rupees 2 Lakhs.

KTM 890 Duke

Not yet confirmed

Rupees 8 Lakhs- 10 Lakhs.

KTM Electric Scooter

Not yet confirmed

Rupees 1.50 Lakhs.

Why are KTM Bikes So Popular?

The inception of KTM bikes in the Indian market is hitting a boom in the motor vehicle industry in this advancing technological era. It’s the one and only renowned Austrian bike which is famous for its worldwide track-only and track-ready motorcycles. Its engine mostly comes in a single-cylinder unit with a rev-happy performance. Apart from all these positive outlooks, let’s look at some of its other exciting aspects that have helped to gain its popularity in the country:

The Impeccable Timing of the Brand Entry in India

By the time bike enthusiasts were quite bored running the same old-fashioned bikes on the road, KTM bikes embarked into the Indian market in such a magnificent way that within no time it started attracting many customers. This eventually helped the KTM brand to make a good position in the market.

The Unique Ergonomics of the KTM Bikes

The unique styling of KTM bike bodies gives them an appearance of an otherworldly feel. KTM has its own three patent ergonomic styles which are the naked street fighter range, semi-faired track-ready compact sports bike range, and semi-naked adventure bike range. The Duke range falls under the naked street-fighter style, the RC series falls under the semi-faired track-ready compact sports range, and last but not least Adventure range falls under the semi-naked adventure range.

The Equipment of Performance-Oriented Features

For those bike enthusiasts who are always on the hunt for some advanced features in their bikes, then KTM is the best choice for them to have a supersonic ride. Almost all the KTM motorcycles in India are built on the fabled trellis frame.

All the KTM motorcycles have track-tested gearboxes. The WP Apex is the provider of all suspensions equipped on KTM bikes while the By Brembo provides the brake callipers.

The slippery clutch on some selected KTM bikes allows the rider for an aggressive downshift without locking the rear wheel. The presence of Super Moto mode allows the rider to disable the ABS sensor for the rear wheel which helps the bike in drifting into corners without the possibility of any crashes.

The Dynamic Speed Quality

All the KTM bikes come with such a powerful engine encapsulated with a trellis-framed light body weight that they seem ready to race on the road without any interruptions. This makes them dynamic in terms of their ride quality that’s being embraced by most of the KTM bike riders.

KTM has become a prominent player in the premium motorcycle market in India, outshining its competitors in various aspects. One of its advantages is the affordability of its bikes compared to other renowned brands. With an extensive sales and service network, KTM offers a premium range of bikes that cater to the needs of the common people, ensuring the utmost convenience. The brand's widespread service network further enhances the overall ownership experience. If you're in the market for a new bike, consider choosing from an impressive lineup of KTM's upcoming bikes in India. And don't forget to secure a valid bike insurance plan to enjoy stress-free rides. Quickinsure offers a seamless online process, allowing you to select the ideal plan and obtain it within a few simple steps.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. In which country did KTM bikes originate?

KTM bikes originated in the country Austria.

Q2. Which Indian company introduced KTM bikes to India?

The Bajaj company helped in bringing KTM bikes to the Indian Market.

Q3. What’s the process of transition of the KTM bike?

The KTM bike was transitioned from a repair or garage shop that used to perform only diesel engine repair jobs in Austria by its respective founders.

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