What feature do you prioritise when buying a bike? Its characteristics, features, mileage, charm, or something else. What about the additional significant facts that are frequently overlooked? There is no doubting that the majority of us own bikes, but not everyone is knowledgeable about them. We frequently overlook checking certain crucial facts like the chassis number, vehicle identification number, registration number, etc. 



How To Check Bike Chassis Number In India



If you fall into this category, let us warn you that doing so could occasionally get you into serious difficulties. This small information can really come in handy if your property is stolen, you are selling it to someone else, or you are relocating to a new city. Let's learn everything there is to know about the bike's chassis number and registration number in this blog, find the answer to questions like- ‘how to check chassis number online’ and ‘bike chassis number check online.’

What is a Bike Chassis Number?

A crucial component of a vehicle identification number, or VIN, is the bike chassis number. Six six-digit chassis numbers are found toward the conclusion of the VIN, a set of 17 distinct numbers that serves as the vehicle identification number. However, it's important to distinguish between VIN and chassis numbers.

What is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

A code is a vehicle identification number (VIN). It is special. It is made up of letters and numbers that are used to identify particular automobiles. Both private and commercial automobiles can be identified using the VIN. A VIN contains precise details about the car in the form of numbers and letters. For instance, one can learn the year and location of the vehicle's production from the VIN.

What is a Bike Registration Number?

The bike's distinctive identification number is its registration number. It is against the law to ride a bike on the road without a bike registration number, so anyone purchasing a new bike must obtain the registration number from their local RTO within a month of the purchase.

The bike's number plate clearly displays the registration number. This particular number is made up of both letters and numbers. The format for registering a bicycle is as follows:

  • The state is denoted by the first two letters; for example, Delhi is denoted by DL.
  • The district's sequential number is represented by the following two numbers.
  • The final four digits are exclusive to each bike after that.

The bike's number plate has the registration number clearly displayed. Therefore, keep in mind your bike's registration number because it will help you get all the necessary information on your bike.

How To Check Chassis Number Online and Offline?

Finding the chassis number is made simpler if you can determine the car's registration number. The chassis number is located next to the bike's handle. When a bike is too old, it might be challenging to locate the chassis number; in these situations, you can consult a skilled mechanic who can explain everything. As an alternative, you can also refer to the bike registration document, which includes information about the chassis number. To learn more about the bike chassis number, visit the VAHAN website and enter your bike registration number.

Your vehicle's VIN number can be located both online and offline. For further information, see the section below.

  • Online: An authorised user can access the Vahan website, which is supported by the government, and use the registration number to determine the bike's chassis number.
  • Offline: You can locate your bike's VIN number on the handlebars or motor to determine the chassis number. If you are unable to locate it, you might try seeing a mechanic or looking through the owner's manual and registration certificate.

Why is Bike Chassis Number important?

In the situations listed below, a bike chassis number becomes significant:

  • Knowing the bike's chassis number is crucial when Buy New Two Wheeler Insurance.
  • Checking the bike's chassis number is essential if you intend to purchase a used bike.
  • Knowing your bike's chassis number is crucial if you intend to move to a new city because you will need to have your RC transferred in that instance.


In India, around 15 million two-wheelers are sold each year. As a result, each vehicle is given a special chassis and engine number that serves as a means of identifying who owns it. The identification and completion of all other documentation processes depend on both, which are unique and essential. To learn more in-depth information about the process to find chassis number online, read the pointers above.

Although the chassis and engine numbers appear similar, they each include unique information about the two-wheelers. You may find details like the model number, the production date, the gasoline type, the engine type, and more. The engine number, however, is exclusive to motor vehicle engines.


Q1. Are Chassis Number and Engine Number the same?

No, the chassis number and the engine number are separate numbers.

Q2. What if I can't find the VIN for my bike?

If you are unable to obtain your bike's VIN, you can ask a mechanic to assist you. As an alternative, you can get in touch with your bike dealer.

Q3. Is the chassis number of the bike often located somewhere?

The Chassis Number may be positioned differently by various bike manufacturers. Consequently, there is no established place to look for the bike's chassis number.

Q4. What distinguishes a VIN from a chassis number?

The chassis number is shorter than the VIN. The VIN includes the chassis number.

Q5. What is a VIN number's length?

A VIN has 17 characters in total.

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