It’s a great sense of enthusiasm and freedom if one ever gets an opportunity to ride a bike. Being a good rider doesn’t mean reaching the desired destination at a faster speed but in fact, reaching the destination point with ease of comfort. A good rider is one who helps to get rid of any fatigue caused to the passenger and the rider himself or herself.


How To Become A Good Bike Rider In India


Things To Be Followed In Becoming A Good Rider

Getting Familiarised with the Bike’s Fundamental Functions

It’s very important to get acquainted with all the uses and functions of different parts of the bike before taking it on a ride. Doing so, not only saves time for the new journey but even helps out the rider to handle the bike functionalities with ease while on a journey.

Obtaining a Learner's Permit and Investing in Suitable Safety Gear

It’s very important to obtain a learner’s permit before embarking on a new bike journey. It’s recommended to check the minimum age qualification to ride any bike and then apply to the RTO (Regional Transport Office) for the vehicle permit pass, abiding by all the desired rules and policies. It’s advisable to get on various safety gear before taking on any bike ride such as a helmet, gloves, eyeglasses and other supportive wearables. A good amount of investment should be done in this kind of supportive wearables before riding a bike in order to maintain one’s safety on the road.

Maintaining the Speed Wherever Required

It’s very important to maintain the speed of the bike while riding a bike. The biker needs to slow down the speed when in traffic areas to avoid any kind of road mishaps. The biker can take on a bike at full speed on an empty highway in order to combat the total distance that needs to be covered within a time constraint.

Getting the Bike Insured

It’s very essential to get the bike insured before taking it on the road for a ride. It is mandatory to have third party insurance as per Motor Vehicles Act. However, a person can even opt for comprehensive insurance to get the benefit of third-party insurance coverage and own damage cover both equally. With the increase in the number of road accidents, it is advisable to buy bike insurance after purchasing any new bike and keep renewing the policy from time to time to enjoy its uninterrupted services.

Qualities of a Good Rider

On embarking on every journey, everybody strives to be a good rider to have a smooth travel journey. Let’s look at some of the qualities a good rider can possess to make one’s journey as safest as possible.

1. Patience

We all know that patience is the key to many unforeseen problems. Acting patiently on matters like road mishaps, medical contingencies, and road traffic not only helps the bike rider in good decision-making but even builds a great trust in understanding any situational matters from different perspectives.

2. Persistence

Being persistent is when one tries to achieve something without the loss of enthusiasm until one reaches success. It’s quite normal to make many mistakes while riding a bike on the road such as taking on a wrong turn, parking on the wrong side, riding on the wrong side of the divider etc.; it’s completely the rider’s responsibility to correct themselves again and again until they learn all the right ways of riding on the road maintaining all the rules and regulations.

3. Empathy

Usually, empathy is something that’s naturally inbuilt in a person but now it’s being practised externally as well by many. Being empathetic towards various circumstances while riding a bike on a road such as any road accidents, medical contingencies, vandalism etc. lets the rider think from the perspective of the incidents that have occurred and take decisions accordingly without harming any of the two parties.

4. Appetite for Knowledge

The hunger for knowledge before taking on a bike ride surely does matter but how one executes it by applying their own approach makes the ride even more comfortable and faster. It happens so because the rider is thinking as per his/her own capacity level that it would be more convenient to him/her without the need of handling any hazardous situations.

5. Good at Stress Management

While taking on a bike ride, the rider will eventually encounter many other people too driving on the same road but in a different manner. In case a rider meets up with any such bad rider who isn’t following the road rules and regulations, then it’s his/her duty to ignore the bad rider and follow the right way which he/she is already aware of since the beginning. By doing so, one can avoid stress by focusing on their journey rather than pinpointing the other’s way or style.

No matter what the circumstances might occur in anybody’s journey in their lives, a good rider on the road will eventually enjoy the whole ride with full freedom and immense enthusiasm with negligible possibilities of any negative outcomes. A good rider reaches the destination at a much faster speed and that too without any fatigue or loss of enthusiasm.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What qualities do a good rider possess?

A good rider is one who has the qualities of patience, persistence, and empathy, who has an appetite for knowledge, and who is good at stress management.

Q2. Is it important to have a learner’s permit before starting off any trip on a bike?

Yes, it’s important to get a learner’s permit before embarking on any kind of trip on a bike.

Q3. Why is it important to get familiarised with the bike’s fundamental functions before embarking on any journey?

Getting familiarised with all the bike functionalities and features helps the rider to handle the bike with much ease and in a more convenient way.

Q4. Which documents do I have to carry with me when riding a motorcycle?

When riding a motorcycle, it is important to carry several key documents for compliance and convenience. These include a copy of your bike's Registration Certificate, Pollution Under Control Certificate, and your bike insurance policy. Additionally, having a valid driving license is crucial. To make things easier, you may opt to carry soft copies of these documents for easy reference and accessibility.

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