PUC certificate full form is ‘Pollution under Control’ and is a document mandated under the Motors Act in India for every vehicle. It states that the vehicle is safe to drive on Indian roads in terms of not contributing to the rising pollution levels. So, along with having motor insurance, every vehicle needs to compulsorily have a PUC certificate as well. For driving on Indian roads as per the Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. A PUC certificate is approved for a vehicle only if it has passed the PUC test. Read this latest blog to know complete details of PUC certificate importance with benefits, pollution level criteria and how to download PUC certificate online for vehicle.



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The test helps to check if the vehicle emissions are within compliance with the set air pollution norms. Be it LPG, CNG, Diesel or Petrol, every fuel vehicle needs to have a PUC test done. Such testing is generally done at the fuel pump itself or even at independent PUC testing centres that are available. It can also be obtained online through the VAHAN - Parivahan portal. PUC testing and certificates are an effort of the Indian government to reduce overall pollution and ensure that vehicles run on Indian roads under a controllable emissions limit.

PUC Pointers and Importance

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, a PUC certificate is mandatory for every vehicle, just like a valid two wheeler insurance, registration certificate and driving license. IRDA Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has made having a PUC certificate obligatory for vehicle owners wishing to buy or renew a bike or car insurance policy. As per 190 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Act, without a valid PUC certificate, one can be prosecuted. First time offence shall attract a fine of 1000 Rs, while you will have to pay 2000 Rs for a second-time offence. And repeating it one more time can cost you to be in police custody.The purpose of a PUC certificate is to make sure vehicle owners take responsibility for environmental issues and contribute towards reducing the rising pollution risks.

After purchasing a vehicle and getting the PUC test done, your PUC certificate gets generated. Post which the test needs to be repeated every 6 months and an updated certificate gets generated. In case the vehicle emissions are found to be hazardous, then it is informed to the nearest RTO and the vehicle registration number is submitted to them as well.The validity of the PUC Certificate for the new vehicle whether a car or a bike is generally a year. The certificate then needs to be renewed at regular intervals.The validity of the renewed PUC certificate is 6 months for vehicles – both cars and bikes. In case, the reading is adverse, the validity of the PUC certificate will depend on the reading.The cost to obtain the Pollution Under Control PUC Certificate varies from Rs.60 to Rs.100 mainly depending on the fuel type.

PUC Test Procedure

While the PUC certificate and test are highly important there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to complete the procedure for the test and certificate. Let’s take a look at the steps towards the procedure;

  • When a new vehicle is purchased, the motor dealer sets you up for the PUC test and certificate.
  • At the time of renewal, you will have to take your vehicle to any authorised petrol pump, get the test done and obtain a renewed certificate.
  • While testing they will scan the ejection pipe to check for the vehicle emission level, and whether it is within the set limits.
  • Once the test is done and you have paid the set fee, the PUC certificate shall be issued to you, against your vehicle.

Contents of PUC Certificate

A PUC certificate contains detailed information about the PUC test done. It includes;

  • PUC certificate serial number
  • Vehicle’s license plate or registration number
  • Date of the PUC test
  • The expiry date of the PUC Certificate
  • Vehicle emissions levels

How to Download Your PUC Certificate of Vehicle?

Certificate contain Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate has been updated through the VAHAN portal, making it convenient to download online. This certificate is important for validating compliance with emissions standards for vehicles in India. Following a few simple steps on the official VAHAN website, vehicle owners can quickly access and download their PUC certificates of vehicle.

6 Easy Steps to Download Your PUC Certificate

Step 1:  Visit the official VAHAN portal website.
Step 2: Navigate to the "PUC Certificate" section located in the top menu.
Step 3: Enter your vehicle registration number, chassis number (last five characters), and the security code displayed.
Step 4: Click on "PUC Details" button to continue.
Step 5: On the following page, review the displayed PUC Certificate details.
Step 6: Choose to download or print the certificate as needed.


PUC – Pollution Level Criteria for Vehicles

Vehicle type

Percentage of Carbon Mono-oxide

Hydrocarbon Measured in PPM

Four-wheeler manufactured as per Pre Bharat-Stage II Norms



Four-wheeler manufactured as per Pre Bharat-Stage II Norms along with Subsequent norms



Two-wheeler with 2 or 4 Stroke manufactured before 31st March 2000



Two-wheeler with 2 Stroke Manufactured after 31st March 2000



Two-wheeler with 4 Stroke manufactured after 31st March 2000




Benefits of a PUC Certificate

Knowing how important PUC tests and certificate are, let’s look at their benefits;

  • Care for the environment
  • Reducing air pollution levels
  • Keeping aware of vehicle condition and status
  • Making a responsible and law-abiding citizen
  • Follow rules and regulations of mandatory documentation for vehicles

Ideally, as you purchase a new vehicle you should get the PUC test done and generate a PUC certificate. It is also advisable to not miss the test and certificate updating at regular intervals as PUC is a mandatory document for every vehicle to run on Indian roads safely and securely. The role of the PUC certificate is to be more aware of the environment and reduce the damage caused by rising pollution levels across the country.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a look at some frequent queries on Pollution Under Control – PUC certificate;

Q1. Is it mandatory to have a PUC certificate while purchasing a motor insurance policy?

Yes, a PUC Certificate is an essential document for buying Motor insurance. It applies to both - new as well as renewal policies of any vehicle. IRDAI has made it obligatory. Any insurance companies shall not provide vehicle insurance unless it has a valid PUC certificate.

Q2. When should the PUC certificate be generated?

Ideally, the PUC certificate must be obtained at the time of purchase of a new vehicle. Which again needs to be renewed at regular intervals.

Q3. Is PUC certificate to be carried in a vehicle?

Yes, documents like vehicle registration, motor insurance, driving licence as well as PUC certificate are compulsory documents to be carried in vehicles.

Q4. What happens if the PUC certificate expires?

If you do not have a PUC certificate for your vehicle or carry an expired one, the traffic police will have the right to seize your vehicle and will also levy a fine for such an offence. Hence valid & updated PUC certificates must always be carried.

Q5. What happens if the PUC certificate renewal is missed?

As per IRDAI, your PUC certificate needs to be renewed regularly and must be valid. If it is found to be expired then you shall be liable to fine as well as prosecution under the Motor vehicles act. To know your PUC certificate status, you can check online and renew within time to avoid expiry.

Q6. Can a PUC certificate be renewed online?

No, PUC certificate cannot be renewed online as every vehicle needs to undergo a PUC test to renew the certificate. Only once emission testing is done, a renewed PUC certificate gets generated.

Q7. Can a PUC certificate be generated in another state?

Yes, you can obtain the Pollution Under Control PUCcertificate for your vehicle in any state across India.

Q8. Is the Pollution Under Control certificate valid across the country?

Yes, the Pollution Under Control - PUC certificate is valid all overIndia.

Q9. Is there a grace period for PUC certificate renewal?

Yes, there is a grace period of seven days from the date of expiry for the renewal of the vehicle pollution certificate.

Q10. Is there any late charge or fee for renewing an expired PUC certificate on a vehicle?

No, there is no late fee or charge for renewing an expired vehicle pollution certificate. It is advisable to visit the nearest emission test centre to renew your expired PUC certificate at the earliest.

Q11. Can vehicle registration numbers be updated in the PUC pollution certificate?

No, one cannot update the vehicle registration number in the PUC certificate. Only the authorised centres can generate the certificate with the valid vehicle registration number.

Q12. What should be done in case a PUC certificate gets lost?

In case the vehicle PUC certificate gets lost or misplaced, you can easily download or print it from an online portal. Or even the authorised PUC centres can re-generate the certificate.

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