A lot of medical insurance providers are introducing brand new features and plans in their coverage. Features like restore and recharge are right now quite popular in the market. Both Restore Health Insurance and Recharge Health Insurance sound a bit familiar. But, let us remind you that these are quite different.

Recharge in Health Insurance

In simple words, recharge means going back to a previous state or condition. But, you will only be able to claim a specific insured amount every year. In case you have faced multiple cases under a year, there is a high chance that you might exhaust the insured amount quite sooner before the term ends. In such a case, you will be able to utilize the recharge feature in health insurance.

  • Recharge Benefit in Health Insurance

In general cases, the policy is renewed at the beginning of the year. Hence, the assured sum is once again reinstated for the policyholder to claim. But, it is possible that the policyholder might need to claim the health benefits before the year ends. For such an instance, most healthcare companies have introduced the recharge option in their policy.

There are many recharge benefits in health insurance. First of all, it allows you to completely reinstate your state of policy irrespective of your previous as well as currently pending claims. With the recharge feature, you will be able to claim the entire sum insured as mentioned in your policy even before the year ends. Also, the recharged amount of the insurance plan does not change your annual plan at all. You will be back to your original plan limit at the time of renewal next year.

Restore in Health Insurance

Restore, similar to the term, is a feature in the health insurance policy that refills the claimable amount up to its basic sum in case the insured amount and additional bonuses are completely utilized.

In simple words, the restore feature will add a portion in your insured amount to match the previously agreed upon sum rather than introducing additional bonuses. The key aspect of the restore feature in health insurance is that it can only be claimed if the policyholder is claiming for a case different than the one that was previously filed in the current year.

The restoration benefit comes in handy if you have completely exhausted your current assured sum amount and are willing to claim it again. As our health is our most important asset, it is necessary to safeguard it with a health care assurance. The restore feature of your policy protects your policy against upcoming events. The restoration feature gets automatically activated as soon as you exhaust your current assured sum completely.

Once you have the restoration feature active, you will once again have 100% of the assured sum available to claim again for the rest of the year. It can be used for any health crisis and incidents apart from the one mentioned in your previous claim. Once you claim the restored amount of your health insurance, you will not be eligible for any additional claim throughout the year.

Difference between Restore and Recharge in Health insurance

S.No    Recharge in Health Insurance Restore in Health Insurance
1 You will be able to claim a full assured sum at any point in the year. You can only claim the restore feature once the assured amount is fully exhausted.
2 You will be able to claim the entire sum again if another health crisis appears in the same year. You can only claim the restore feature for a different cause than your previous claim.
3 Recharge sum exhausts at the end of the year. Restored sum exhausts after the second claim.
4 The policyholder does not necessarily need to bear any hospitalization cost The policyholder might have to bear hospitalization cost if the second claim happens before the assured sum is exhausted


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is no claim bonus?

No claim bonus is an attractive feature introduced to award a no-claim year for the policyholder. If the entire policy year goes by and the holder has not claimed for the insurance, a no-claim bonus is added to the sum insured for the holder.

Q. What is unlimited recharge health insurance?

Unlimited recharge basically refers to the extensions of automatic recharges that are not capped by any limitation. The automatic recharge allows full reinstatement if the insured sum in the same year for the holder.

Q What is super top in health insurance?

The super top-up plan includes coverage for complete hospitalization bills for the policyholder even above the deductible amount for over a year. The plan becomes active once the deductible amount is paid completely.

Q. What is the reinstatement of the sum insured?

Payment of an additional sum that returns the insured sum up to its original level is called the reinstatement of the sum insured. It is only possible if the policyholder has reduced the sum by claiming the insurance during the active period.

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