Your life is precious, and so you get yourself a car. But your car is an asset for you, and you should get insurance for your vehicle as well. Besides, third-party car insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicle Act. So, once you get yourself a car, make sure you buy the apt car insurance as well.

Why should you buy car insurance in Pune!

Getting car insurance in Pune for your vehicle is all the more necessary, given that you live in a city that is extremely prone to car accidents. Over 4459 fatalities were recorded from 2016 to 2019 in Pune. Also, every year Pune gets its fair share of rain issues such as landslides, crop loss, waterlogging etc., which damages numerous cars. So, if you are thinking of getting car insurance in Pune, go through this blog for all the details.


What is car insurance - Know the basics!

First of all, let's be clear with the basic term – car insurance. You can also call it motor insurance or auto insurance. It is a type of legal agreement which offers extensive protection to you and your car from potential risks and damages because of natural disasters, car thefts and accidents. Also, the insurance policy will protect you from any kind of third-party liabilities.

Types of car insurance in Pune:

Broadly, we can categorise car insurance into two types  third party car insurance policy and Comprehensive car insurance policy. A third-party insurance policy, as the name suggests, covers the damages to a third party and its property. It has no benefits for the car owner. However, comprehensive car insurance covers expenses and liabilities towards the third party as well as the owner of the vehicle.

  • Premium v/s insured value:

The insured declared value of IDV is another important aspect that you need to know in case you are planning to buy the best car insurance in Pune. Basically, an IDV is the amount that the insurer needs to pay in case the policyholder makes an eligible claim. While buying car insurance, assess well the IDV and the premium. Both of these are interconnected. If you are paying a low premium to the insurance company, then the IDV will also be low.


  • Deductibles:

This is the amount which the insurance holder needs to pay in case of any damage to the car. The higher the deductible, the lower will be the premium for your car insurance policy.


  • Add-on features:

There are several add-on features that you can get on top of your car insurance policy. Some of these features are break down assistance, assistance in case of car key loss, personal accident cover and so on. You can spend some extra money and add some of the needful add-on features to make your coverage more efficient.


  • No-claim bonus:

No-claim-bonus or NCB is the bonus that the policyholder enjoys in case he/she does not file a claim in an entire year. The bonus amount gets discounted from the annual payable premium.


  • The reputation of the insurance provider:

Before you buy the best car insurance policy in Pune, you need to check the reputation of the insurance company. Also, do not forget to enquire about its claim settlement ratio.



Network garages: Insurance providers have tie-ups with certain garages, where you can take your car for repairing after placing a cashless claim. You won't have to pay any expense on your own, and your insurer will settle the expense with the garage.

Customer care reviews: When you place a claim, the customer care/helpline will be available for you. So, before you invest your hard-earned money in a car insurance company, make sure you check whether or not the insurer has well-rated customer care reviews.



Always compare different car insurance plans before settling for one.

Do not get your car insurance from the car dealer, as the premium will be pricey in that case.

Always go through the policy brochure vigilantly.

Do not skip any clause and read every sentence carefully.

You should fill your proposal form by yourself.

Never let anyone else fill the proposal form for you.

You should always ask about different add-ons from your insurer.

Never settle down for any add-on without making a proper enquiry.


In Pune, many insurance companies offer various options to file a car insurance claim online. For more details about the required documents and the process, you can contact customer support, and get your questions resolved and read more details in car insurance services and complete procedure.



Q1: Can I pay my car insurance premiums in instalments?

Ans: Unfortunately, paying car insurance premiums in instalments is not possible.


Q2: Is it necessary to inform my insurer about the alteration in the CNG/LPG kit?

Ans: Yes, of course! If there is any alteration in the CNG/LPG kit, you will have to inform the insurer as well as the Road Transport Authority.


Q3: I am selling my car to my friend. Is the car insurance policy transferable?

Ans: Yes, it is! The new owner needs to inform the insurance company within the first 15 days of ownership transfer.


Q4: Is the car insurance price in Pune similar to that of other states?

Ans: No, the prices vary according to different states and different insurance companies.

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