Buying a car is still a dream for every middle-class family, and once this dream is accomplished, the family feels elated and satisfied. To fulfil this dream, people work really hard. It is, therefore, necessary that once you buy a car, take all the necessary precautions to safeguard your vehicle. Car insurance is the best thing that you can buy for your car. No accessories, pomp and show will be able to protect your car from damages. But when you have car insurance, you will feel safe and secure as your car will stay protected from expenses and liabilities.

If you stay in Bangalore, getting car insurance gets all the more necessary. A city that receives heavy rainfall every year in monsoon, Bangalore always faces waterlogging issues during the rainy season. The roads get waterlogged, and as a result, cars need to wade through stagnant water. This results in the breakdown of multiple cars because the machines and equipment of cars are highly vulnerable to water. But if you have car insurance in Bangalore, your car repairing expenses will easily get covered, and you need not worry about the expenditure. The car insurance cost in Bangalore is also reasonable, and hence it is not necessary that you spend your fortune to get a car insurance plan.


Want to know more about car insurance policies and plans? Here we go!


What is car insurance?

Car insurance is also termed auto insurance or motor insurance. When you buy car insurance, you are actually paying for a legal agreement between you and your insurer. A car insurance plan offers coverage against all the liabilities, expenses that are incurred because of a car accident. Because of the car insurance, you will stay financially safe and secure even during unforeseen events. All you need to do is to get the best car insurance in Bangalore.


Different types of car insurance:

  • Comprehensive car insurance:
  1. It provides a wide range of coverage to the insurance holder.
  2. Such plans are suitable in case of damages caused by natural or man-made disasters.
  3. The policyholder gets protection against issues like car theft
  4. There will be proper coverage against different risk factors
  5. The owner-driver gets protection because of comprehensive car insurance:
  6. The policy covers accidental damages to the third party as well
  1. Third-party car insurance covers legal obligations: Legalities and paperwork involve hefty expenses. Get third-party insurance to get coverage against such expensive legal obligations.
  2. It covers property damage as well: When you get a third-party insurance plan, you are in for coverage against the property or vehicle of the third party.
  3. It covers bodily injury and demise: These policies cover the instances of bodily injury and death cases.
  4. Third-party car insurance is apt for old vehicles as well: You can get a third-party car insurance plan if your car is quite old. Such plans are beneficial in the case of those cars whose market value is much lesser as compared to the repair or replacement expenses.


Want to buy the best car insurance in Bangalore? We will tell you how!

Keep in mind these factors while getting new car insurance, and you will definitely get the best car insurance in Bangalore:

  • State guidelines: State guidelines define various clauses and criteria of car insurance policies. So, if you are in Bangalore, enquire well about your state guidelines as they can impact your car insurance plan.
  • Coverage: Go for a car insurance plan which offers wide coverage. The better the coverage, the higher will be your financial stability in times of uncertainty.
  • Exclusions: Before spending your hard-earned money on an insurance policy, know about the exclusions in your policy. These are the factors or situations which won’t be covered by the car insurance company.
  • NCB or No Claim Bonus: NCB is the bonus that you get entitled to in case you do not place a claim throughout the year. This bonus helps in bringing down the premium you pay.
  • Network garages: You should invest in a car insurance company plan which offers a huge list of network garages in proximity to your place. In case of any damage, you will have to take your car to any of these network garages in order to get it repaired free of cost.
  • CSR: Settle for an insurance provider which has a high CSR or Claim Settlement Ratio.
  • IDV: Insured Declared Value is the current market value of your car, which your insurer will pay in case of complete damage or theft of your car.
  • Add-on coverage: Add-on coverages can make your insurance plan highly beneficial. Choose the appropriate ones and enhance your insurance coverage.
  • The reputation of the insurance provider: Never settle down for a car insurance company whose reputation seems to be doubtful or shady. Afterall, they are the ones who will be paying for your expenses and liabilities.




Q1. Should I buy car insurance for my second-hand car?

Ans: Yes, even if you have a second-hand car, you need to buy car insurance.


Q2. Is it possible to pay a car insurance premium online?

Ans: Yes, the premium for your car insurance can be paid online using net banking or credit or debit.


Q3. In case my car gets damaged in civil unrest or riot, will I get compensated?

Ans: Yes! Comprehensive car insurance policies cover man-made disasters as well.


Q4. Do I need to submit any document to renew my insurance plan online?

Ans: No, for online renewal, you need not submit any document.

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