Today EVs are becoming more acceptable and demandable by many people around the world. As more people are becoming aware of the climate crisis and with growing environmental awareness EVs are a popular choice for the new generation. However, many buyers are still in doubt about whether they can get electric vehicle insurance for their EVs or not. Here we are going to look at what electric vehicle insurance is and what its benefits are.

What is EV Insurance?

EV insurance can be classified as insurance one gets for their electric vehicle through an insurance provider guaranteeing them protection against any 3rd party damages, accidental damage, financial damages, etc. Electric car insurance is important for those with an EV as it can help them mitigate future financial risks. It is advisable to get comprehensive electric vehicle insurance for their electric car and it has also been mandated by the government for one to have at least 3rd party car insurance cover when driving on the road.

Benefits Of Electric Car Insurance:

Today with the rapid rise in the use of EVs many people are wondering whether they should get insurance for EV cars as they don't have any idea about the protection, they are losing by not getting EV insurance. The following are the benefits of getting electric car insurance:

1. Accidental Protection:

By getting EV insurance one can protect themselves from any damages from any unforeseen future accidents.

2. 3rd Party Damage Protection:

If any 3rd party gets hurt or receives damages to them or their vehicle due to their vehicle on the road, they can claim for 3rd party damages and get a settlement for any damages they have received. This insurance cover has been mandated by the government as well through the Motor Vehicle Act.

3. Financial Protection:

Electric car insurance also provides one with financial security from any damages or losses that they have incurred on the road due to unforeseen circumstances.

4. Penalty Protection:

One can avoid paying costly penalties or challan to the traffic police by getting EV insurance for their vehicle.

5. Natural Disaster Protection:

Natural disasters can cause heavy losses to one life and to their vehicle if they are not careful. By getting insurance they can claim for losses that their vehicle has received due to a natural disaster and mitigate any financial damages.

6. Fire Protection:

EVs are known to be prone to fire and can cause heavy losses if they are not careful. EV insurance can help one recover any losses that they might have incurred due to any unforeseen fire.

7. Theft Protection:

Theft of one vehicle can cause heavy losses especially if they are an electric car. By getting insurance for EV cars one can recover any financial losses from theft.

Add-on Insurance Cover for EV:

One can also get extra protection by getting the following add-on covers with their electric vehicle insurance:

1. Zero-depreciation cover:

Zero-depreciation cover can help one's car retain its IDV value even after getting new spare parts or repairs after any damages.

2. Road-side assistance cover:

One can get roadside assistance such as emergency towing, flat tire repair, car retrieval, etc., for their electric vehicle by getting this add-on insurance cover.

3. Consumables cover:

By getting a consumables add-on insurance cover for their EV one can avoid paying for any change of nuts, bolts, engine oil, greasing, or any other spare parts replacement.

4. Return to invoice cover:

One can get the complete on-road value of their car returned to them in a claim by getting a return to invoice add-on cover with their insurance.


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Today EVs have become a popular demand in the new generation as they are getting more environmentally aware. But one should also be prepared by getting electric vehicle insurance for any risk that may come with buying an EV car. Now one can easily buy insurance for EV cars in just a few easy steps from Quickinsure and compare from various available plans and choose the one that meets all their requirements.


1. Why are EVs in demand?

As EVs are offering better mobility and are a better alternative to traditional fossil fuel cars there is a huge demand for them in the new generation as they are becoming more aware of climate change and the need to protect the environment.

2. Why should one get insurance for EV cars?

Yes, one should always try to get insurance for EV cars as insurance can not only help one avoid future risk but also any financial losses.

3. Where can one buy EV insurance?

One can easily get EV insurance online from Quickinsure and compare various available plans and get the one that is most beneficial to them.

4. Is battery protection included in electric vehicle insurance?

Yes, one can get battery protection by buying a comprehensive insurance policy for their electric car.

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