People renew their insurance policies to maintain continuous coverage, comply with legal requirements, and protect their financial interests and assets. Renewing insurance provides peace of mind by ensuring personal well-being, managing risks effectively, and safeguarding against unforeseen events.



What is Apollo Insurance?

Apollo Insurance, a ranked digital insurance provider in India, offers multiple insurance products online. From home and auto to commercial and specialty insurance, Apollo Munich Insurance simplifies the insurance process by allowing customers to compare and buy conveniently through our website. With transparent pricing and customizable coverage options, Apollo Munich Insurance Renewal makes insurance shopping straightforward and hassle-free for Indian customers to continue living securely and protected.


India’s Key Statistic of Health Insurance for 2023!

India's health Insurance sector is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by expanded coverage, improved services, and increased investments from public and private entities. In the Union Budget for 2023-24, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare received a significant contribution of INR 89,155 crore, a 3.43% increase from the previous year. This infusion of funds underscores a commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality, empowering providers to innovate and transform the healthcare landscape for a healthier, more prosperous future.


Key Benefits of HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

  1. Comprehensive Coverage

HDFC Ergo health insurance provides coverage for individuals as well as on a family floater basis, ensuring that both individuals and their families are protected against unexpected medical expenses.

  1. Lifelong Renewability

One of the standout features of HDFC Ergo's health insurance plans is the option for lifelong renewability. This ensures that policyholders can continue to avail of coverage as they age, without worrying about policy expiration.

  1. No Sub-limit on Room Rent

Unlike some other insurance plans, HDFC Ergo's health insurance policies do not impose sub-limits on room rent. This means that policyholders have the flexibility to choose accommodations in hospitals without being restricted by predetermined limits.

  1. Bonus Benefit

HDFC Ergo incentivizes policyholders to maintain good health by offering a bonus of 5% on the sum insured for every claim-free year. This bonus helps in increasing the coverage amount over time, providing additional financial security.

  1. Health Check-up Reimbursement

Another notable benefit is the reimbursement of health check-up expenses. After a block of 4 claim-free years, policyholders are eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred for health check-ups, promoting preventive healthcare practices.




Add-On Coverages Available with HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

  • Critical Illness Cover

Provides additional financial protection by offering a lump sum payout upon diagnosis of specified critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke.

  • Maternity Cover

Offers coverage for expenses related to childbirth, including pre and postnatal care, delivery charges, and newborn baby expenses.

  • Hospital Cash Benefit

Provides a daily cash allowance for each day of hospitalization to cover incidental expenses such as transportation, food, and accommodation.

  • Personal Accident Cover

Offers financial protection in case of accidental death or disability, providing a lump sum payout or regular income to the insured or their family.

  • Outpatient Cover

Covers expenses for outpatient treatments, consultations, diagnostic tests, and medications that do not require hospitalization.

  • Home Healthcare Cover

Extends coverage to home-based healthcare services such as nursing care, physiotherapy, and medical equipment rental.

  • International Cover

Provides coverage for medical treatments received abroad, including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation expenses.

  • Dental Cover

Offers coverage for dental treatments and procedures, including routine check-ups, fillings, extractions, and major dental surgeries.




Customizing Your Policy During Renewal with HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

  • Assess Your Needs

Before you start your Apollo health insurance renewal assess your healthcare needs and any changes in your circumstances. Consider factors like age, health status, family size, and budgetary constraints.

  • Review Existing Coverage

Take a close look at your current HDFC Ergo health insurance policy to understand the coverage limits, benefits, and any add-on features you already have.

  • Explore Additional Coverages

Determine if there are any gaps in your coverage or if you require additional protection. HDFC Ergo offers various add-on coverages such as critical illness cover, maternity cover, and personal accident cover, among others.

  • Adjust Sum Insured

Evaluate whether your current sum insured amount is sufficient to meet potential healthcare expenses. You may consider increasing or decreasing the sum insured based on your needs and budget.

  • Customize Benefits

HDFC Ergo allows policyholders to customize certain benefits, such as room rent limits, co-payment options, and deductibles. Adjust these parameters according to your preferences and requirements.

  • Update Personal Information

Ensure that all personal information, such as contact details, address, and nominee details, are up to date. This is crucial for smooth policy administration and claims processing.

  • Discuss with an Advisor

If you're unsure about the changes you want to make or need assistance in customizing your policy, reach out to an HDFC Ergo insurance advisor. They can provide guidance tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

  • Compare Options

Take the opportunity to compare different policy options available at the time of renewal. Consider factors like premium costs, coverage benefits, and customer service reputation before making a decision.



Ensuring the proper coverage that meets our needs is our responsibility, and we believe that providing you with the best Health Insurance coverage to compare and buy quotes is our responsibility. With our Apollo Insurance comprehensive solutions and dedicated support, we aim to empower you to make informed decisions about your insurance coverage needs.

We are always happy to secure our customers. Please feel free to connect with us in case you need any help to select the coverage according to your needs!

Compare and buy health insurance now to secure the protection you deserve.



Q1. Is my coverage enough for my current needs?

Ans: You can review and compare your coverage to ensure it aligns with your required needs. Also, you can customize your coverage options and make necessary adjustments.

Q2. How Can I compare my premium to other similar policies?

Ans: With us, you can easily compare your premium and explore options to ensure you're getting the best and worthy quotes for your coverage.

Q3. Should I consider adding or removing any optional coverages?

Ans: With our customization cover services you can easily add and remove your coverage options. Plus, if any additional coverages would benefit you you can add them while renewing your policy or remove the one if any current ones are no longer needed.

Q4. Are the Hospital networks convenient for me in case of emergencies?

Ans: Your hospital network depends upon the policy you purchase. Always check the list of hospital networks related to your policy. Choosing the policy for an emergency has to be convenient about the network hospitals which will help you find ones in emergencies.

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