Car insurance renewal within the stipulated time is extremely important if you wish to enjoy a tension-free driving experience. In case you fail to renew your car insurance on time, the policy will go invalid, and this is a punishable offense as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

When you do not renew your car insurance, and it gets invalid, you may face legal issues. Also, in case any mishap takes place, you will be responsible for bearing the expenses. It is thus necessary that you keep in mind the HDFC Ergo renewal car insurance.

Let us now understand why it is beneficial to renew HDFC Ergo car insurance?

  • Ability to switch insurance company and policy cover: Generally, people prefer to buy car insurance for the first time from the car dealer itself. But that policy may not offer much coverage to your car. But during HDFC Ergo renewal car insurance, you get the opportunity to switch to another car insurance company and opt for better policy cover.
  • Comprehensive policy coverage: Car insurance renewal lets you continue to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive car insurance policy. Your car will be completely covered against man-made disasters as well as natural calamities and mishaps like accidents and thefts.
  • Third-party policy coverage: Renew HDFC Ergo car insurance online, and all the expenses related to third-party accidents and legalities will be covered by the insurance company. When the policy is renewed at the right time, it covers all the expenditures such as property damage, injury, or demise of a third party.
  • More add-ons: If you are not satisfied with the present coverage offered by your car insurance company, then you can try buying a few add-ons to enhance the coverage. During HDFC Ergo renewal car insurance, you can get yourself a few specific add-ons as per your requirement and budgets.
  • Eligibility for NCB: If you renew HDFC Ergo car insurance without raising any claim for the entire year, then you are entitled to NCB or No Claim Bonus. Consider this as a discount which will reduce the amount of premium you will be paying for the upcoming years.
  • Absolute security: Car insurance renewal brings with it an element of security. You can drive peacefully and with confidence.

HDFC Ergo renewal car insurance in a few steps!

  • If you wish to renew HDFC Ergo car insurance online, you need to visit the official website of the insurance company. When you renew your policy online through their website, you can reap the benefits of #JaldiClaims services provided by HDFC Ergo. They also provide you with other services such as #DIYClaims and #Dusktodawn services. The policyholder gets access to over 6400 cashless network garages. #JaldiClaims helps you to raise your claims easily by uploading your photos online.
  • Once you are on their website, you need to select the policy you wish to buy. Either go for a third-party insurance plan or a comprehensive car insurance plan.
  • The next step involves choosing add-ons of your choice. There are several add-ons that you can choose, such as return to invoice, zero depreciation, and so on.
  • Then you are required to fill in different details such as the age of the car, claim history, previous policy number, etc.
  • In the next step, you have to pay for the renewed policy online. The payment can be done using net banking, credit as well as debit cards.



Q1. What is a break-in policy?

Ans: When you forget to or fail to renew your car insurance plan within the due date and pay for the renewal, later on, the policy is considered as a break-in policy.

Q2. Do I have to submit any documents while HDFC Ergo renewal car insurance?

Ans: No, there is no need to furnish any document for renewing your HDFC Ergo car insurance policy online. However, if you are doing it offline, they may ask for document submission. In that case, you can call their customer care number and ask about the documents necessary for the purpose of renewal.

Q3. Is it possible to track and check the status of the policy renewal payment?

Ans: Yes, absolutely! You can simply visit the official website of the car insurance company. Further, you need to click on the option "Check Payment Status." There you are required to enter details like Order ID, and the car insurance payment renewal status pops up.

Q4. How much should I pay for the No Claim Bonus Discount?

Ans: You need to pay absolutely nothing to avail of the discount for NCB. The insurance company offers this discount on your next premium in case you have raised a single claim for the entire year.

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